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Life Tips or just plain farce

I was watching an amazing show on MTV. It was filled with true sarcasm by VJ Cyrus,the Virus. He had those seemingly genuine disgust against the 'Life Tips' show called 'Love Bites'. Seriously what are those shows for. They tell you what to wear, what to eat and what to talk. Bloody hell, where is the real you. You want some idiot to fall in love with someone else. Or should I say that all people will fall in love with the person with same kind of personality. Yeah really I would have never discovered how to date and how to fall in love, rather make someone fall in love with me. I admit that I do not command any experience on the subject, (I am still happy) but all this seems farce to me. You would actually be believing that one size fits all. Please give me a break. I wonder if there is any blog which is actually into this stuff(It being there wont surprise me, though being other way round would). Anyways I would seriously like to consider the qualification of the so c

Those 8 questions - Question 7

Can the impact of your actions rippling into the future be considered an immortal soul? Well actually isn't that whats supposed to be meant when we say some great soul is still with us. When you believe in something, least little thing that you need is some proof. So please excuse, this is no question at all. PS: This continues as a series of questions posed as explained here . Other related posts are:

Orkut's Indian Connection

Indians are heavily influencing orkut. Well it should have been with so many Indian just hooked onto Orkut and so many developers coming out of India every year. I am sure google too recruits them like many other software giants. Well a proof of that was uncovered to me a few days ago when I tried to get the location of the thumbnails in the friends update. It was something like chhota /15/556/677123.jpg?tid=123213 I just managed to notice the word 'chhota'. Now thats a nice desi way to say, thumbnails. No wonder orkut is getting feature laden each day. Not because the developers are Indians, but this small thing shows the passion they are carrying while developing this amazing social network. I truly believe that this kind of passion is what makes things go beyond the ordinary.

Is there a righteous voice left in India

I really felt pained when I browsed through the forums at and . These are forums which are below each news topic. I felt there are only two kinds of people out there. One who hate Narendra Modi for all reasons known and unknown and others who loved him for reasons all known and unknown. Now what pains me is that instead trying to point that the opposition(Congress) is doing good work for farmers and all in other states like Maharashtra and AP(Well this indeed is with a lot of sarcasm). They are only trying to justify that Narendra Modi is a killer. Bloody hell if he is a killer, he is dangerous, what the hell is a central government there for. But then they are all sayers and never the doers. Unlike Modi who actually does something and talks a lot about other things. He does not clearly made a pro cotton farmer policy(Read here ). But sadly Congress feels its unnecessary to make its something of an issue. Instead it tried to make use of the standard Communa

Vista is less pirated, should Microsoft rejoice or worry

According to this story by Engadget , the rate of piracy of Vista is half of XP. Now should MS be happy about. After all piracy is low. But are they overlooking the fact that people hate Vista even if its free or at real dirt cheap prices. There have been several instances where people have downgraded their system to XP instead of the standard Vista. If the kind of hard selling that they are doing, I feel they are pretty much aware of the fact that people just dont trust Windows Vista. The acceptance level has reached a new low. The only way for them to outsell is to make their earlier product look bad. But then why would not they believe that the competitor (Linux and Mac) would not be dubbed as better creations. I really dont know if Vista is all that bad. I am happy with XP provided by office. I plan not to shift to Vista, unless forced. So the big question is, would you shift to Vista, even if it were to be free?

Out of the world job offer from Google

I just happened to chance upon this amazing job offer from Google. Its a really out of the world offer. Guys if you are really interested real hard core technology development related activities, please read through. It may be once in a life time chance. The best part is that its open to all and the location is onsite, on Moon. I just cant imagine the pay package of Google, plus onsite fees. Probably if you thought onsite chance from an Indian Services company can do you good for a couple of years, well with Google it might be what you need in this lifetime, unless of course there are some people who are working to prolong your life(Read here ) . But then, thats always a possibility. Anyways, the fact is, work is going to be a really challenging one. You will be doing some hardcore research and development work, including but not limited to, algorithm development, page rank optimizations and newer web related technologies. So what are you waiting for, jump on guys. Some additional i

Who is a terrorist ?

Mr. Narendra Modi has asked a very valid question . I wonder how come no one ever asked it for so long. What is the future for Mr Afzal Guru. I get a feeling that this Congress government is waiting for another hijacking to happen and it is able to release Mr Afzal 'Inncocent' Guru. Why the heck is government taking the killing of brave Indian Jawans lite. I feel they are more concerned with getting the votes banks right than doing right thing. I dont feel anything wrong with the fact that Mr Modi is trying to talk the right stuff, to counter the acid attack on him carried out with the worst kind of degratory words rather than certain actions which were aught to be taken by the Congress Government in power. But I seriously doubt that taking sides on the terrorist(Making assumptions based on all info available to me). Its like you want to make the supporter of Dawood Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of India. People seem to have forgotten what Sanjay Dutt must have had received. He

Yeh india ka naatak hain bhidu

Well I dont know if accidentally I had made some correct statements in this post about sikhs. I was so sure that it had no intellectual value but then I read this story . So here its says that Mr Anil Ambani is at fault for 'allegedly' circulating derogatory jokes against the Sikh community through its mobile Internet services. The masterminds again are from Lucknow, Lucknow Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee(LGPC). Seems like Lucknow is fast turning hub for all kinds of religious intolerance and communalism. I would like the LGPC people to first read the classics by Khushwant Singh. His jokes are the best of their kind. He is one guy which really made the sardar jokes reach out to the market. Then came the MTV and Mr Cyrus Bakara. They took these jokes to the masses. Each one of the young generation waited to hear these jokes. The final death nail was the Great Indian Laughter Challenge and Great Indian Comedy Show. Both of them literally taking humor and sardars to new height

The pain of December 6, 1992

I remember the day this thing happened. I was a kid at that time. When I heard of the Babri Masjid being demolished, some how my first reaction was not that of fear or disappointment but that of happiness. That feeling came to me instinctively. As a kid I did things on instinct and not with any logic or thought. It was more so because I had seen the video of the then video cassette based news channels Newtrack and Eyewitness. They were of the brutal killing of several innocent men, women and children during the first attempt a couple of years ago in 1990. I felt that something has been done to attack the system back which killed several innocents. It was a defeat for the Mulayam Singh who had then sided with the muslims and had done a massacre of Hindus in 1990. But now fifteen years later I feel different. There is remorse over killing of so many hindus as well as demolition of the mosque. But what's the way forward. You can get into an infinite loop of destroying and rebuilding

Yet another research which just.........

Each researcher come up with an amazing new theory and I can do anything but..... you know what. I am talking about yet another research which talks about internet addiction . Its just stupid to say things like this. I wonder if television, phone and breathing also comes under the same category. These guys say "Internet addiction is not manifesting itself as an urge. It's more than that. It's a deep craving. They (the addicts) are just like anyone else who is addicted to coffee, exercise, or talking on their cellular phone" This supposed to be a big research. Something like telling you need to breadth else you will die. If someone is just crazy to talk all the time with someone, is that addiction. I think these researchers are really poor at English like me . Please suggest some better word than addiction to these guys. I dont know this research been conducted by whom or whatever but one thing is sure, research like these can be no value. Its like saying y

Barcamp Bangalore 5 - Will be missing it this time around

I had attended Barcamp Bangalore 4. I liked the concept and decided that I will probably help out organize next time around, considering that its open to all. The old timers were really happy to get us on board. But the spoiler for me is the fact that I would have had been out of town on the days Barcamp was schedules. Having taken the dip in the organizing it, it was very much clear that whether I attend or not, let me just help if there is no one. I dont know if I was of any help or not, but I did argue a lot on a lot of matters. I hope that this Barcamp will again generate the enthusiasm and interest in people to do something beyond. There will be some technologies to be understood and some nuance to be cleared. So guys see in the next Barcamp, Hopefully .

Theory of Stupidity

Well its an interesting topic to research on. Though I am not doing any kind of Ph.D on it but still I feel I have had enough of such experiences to believe that I am able enough to talk about it. More so because I am a keen observer. I am always observing who is visiting my site for example. I have explained this theory to a lot of my friends. Interestingly never has anyone come up with a counter argument. Anyways lets get to the point. There is some smart guy(Me) who has formed the law of stupidity which goes as follows.    Everyone is stupid. Smartness is actually just absence of stupidity Stupidity is proportional to hair length.   First Law basically says is that "Stupidity is ubiquous". This means that stupidity is everywhere. Each one of us is stupid to some extent. Each one of us will act stupid in one situation or the other. Take me for example, I will act totally stupid when I am talking to a gi

Phishing Attempt with gmail

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World Usability Day event at Bangalore

5th November(instead of 8th because of Diwali) was celebrated as World Usability Day. Bangalore was not untouched by the phenomenon, though it would rather had been a major thing. But clearly with over 120(My guess) it was not ignorable event. Long time since the usability aspects have been ignored by the technologists. iPhone and iPod have clearly shown the way. They were nothing radical in concept but they infact radically changed the usability part of the respective equipments. I must add here that I was late for the event. But none the less I did have the opportunity to hear Mr MP Ranjan on Designing. His take on the Design for the user and design in various fields. Pretty much the whole talk is online at his blog . But it was real experience to hear it from the horse's mouth. Next Sarit from HFI presented the findings of usability test of Indian Railways Online reservation site at . Ironically it was the awarde

Barcamp Bangalore Registrations open

Finally we have the registrations open for Barcamp Bangalore 5. As usual its through the wiki here . You are requested to enter in the format specified. For wiki entry enter in following format # Name , Blog/Website, Organisation, Email Id, '''Collectives: Primary:'''ABC '''Others: '''XYZ I hope this is going to be the most liveliest of all barcamps happening around the world, the Baap of all Unconferences.

Barcamp Bangalore collectives registrations open

Well the registration for the collectives have began. If you think there is some topic to be discussed at barcamp, then go ahead and register. Here is how to do that. But before that I feel everyone must read this It explains you about what to expect from Barcamp and Collectives. Really its been written in an excellent manner by Shourya Sarcar . A must read for all Barcampers new and old timers both.

Theory of Success and Productivity!!!!

I today got this amazing story to read from the master of 'office humor', Scott Adams . Usually he would write the stuff in a very discrete and sarcastic way. But today he missed the bigger point. So here is that point for u. There are two ingeniously stupid researchers who have come up with something interesting. This actually is worth the igNobel or "No Balls" if not the Nobel Prize. Research 1 says that Happiness = success. Research 2 says that Sadness = productivity. Now if I say that both researchers are earnestly true then I can form some real good mathematical equations. Sadness = No Happiness. Since Happiness = success, Sadness = No success. Hmmm now is the fun, as Sadness = Productivity , we can say that, Productivity = No Success Now effectively, No Productivity = Success. This clearly proves that harder you work, less successful you would be and your appraisal will reflect that. So for more success work less. If you have worked hard

Those 8 Questions - Question 6

The dictionary defines "faith" as belief without evidence. It defines "stupidity" as unreasoned thinking. Is faith without evidence a form of unreasoned thinking? Seems so very obvious isn't it. But if you tell the same in case of Ram Setu, well it seems all too obvious. But amazingly this was the very thing I was trying oppose . I had talked about how important is faith for every Indian. So whats wrong with it. Well faith whatsoever it may be is something which you believe in and has not been disproved. Its not just a belief without evidence rather its a belief with no contradicting evidence or unexplained phenomenon justified by some means. Your faith in those changes as soon as you find a logical or scientific explanation. The planetary positions and sun being center of the solar system were explained differently before Galileo came up with the proof, that was faith. Yes at times when people start believing in faith without any logic or reas

Those 8 Questions - Question 5

Is consciousness anything more than a continual process of imagining, acting, observing the impact of the action, and imagining again with new information? The above statement to anyone would seem like the most correct at first glance. It would seem the most rational statement. But consciousness is being able to obverse whatever is happening around. Thats all. A person who is kind of disabled is also conscious. He knows what is happening around. He would do nothing but be conscious none the less. Funnily any person lost in his ego does the some action but can you really call him conscious. Well actually not because he is lost in his own parallel reality. By the time the ego starts taking the backstage, he would rather want to see his parallel world than the real world. So what is consciousness? I believe consciousness does not involve the step of imagining or acting. Its just observing is consciousness. If you can feel and understand the situation then its enough f

Meeting with IT Secretary, Govt. of Karnataka

Thanks to the blogging and the bloggers community especially Prashanth from I got invite to meet IT Secretary of Govt of Karnataka, Mr M.N. Vidyashankar. Frankly I wasnt much prepared for the conversation expect the fact I work for an IT company. Along with me were Hari , Arun and Prashanth . Mr M.N. Vidyashankar received us at his office. He started with great enthusiasm explaining us what Bangalore is for IT. He stated certain facts that showed how much IT meant for Karnataka. He was clear that IT could not be ignored at all, after all 26% of Karnataka's GDP comes from in there although to India's GDP it contributes a mere 4%. With 4.9lakh plus people employed by the industry it was bigger than the state which is around 4.5 lakhs. He told us that infrastructure crunch was the reason why around 18 months back heads started rolling. 10000 acre Knowledge City at Biradi is the outcome of that. Bigger plan is get 5 such self contained townships with over 6000

Planning towards Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition

Well the heads rolled this weekend again on what should be the Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition. A lot of hot debates and responsibilities being shared between people. Sponsorship, marketing, logistics etc being taken up. Besides these a few fundamental principles were formed for Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition. Firstly Collective based approach was to be repeated. Yes there was a hot debate on it with people getting into each others point well. In the end it was decided to continue with the "Collectives" Experiment. Second should we restrict Barcamp to Tech only. Last Barcamp had gone beyond that. There were collectives like photography, biking and unband. Certain participants felt that this was diluting the whole atmosphere from being a bleed-edge tech discussion forum to a milder, do-all discussion forum. So it was finally decided that we should make a Barcamp a forum to create a ecosystem where multi-disciplinary activities take place. I wish to see some new ag

Those 8 Questions - Question 4

Why would God be so unclear about what book or books  he authored? Well does God have no better work to do than to copyright and get royalty for them. He would right 'N' different books telling each of the regions duds a different stories. He would tell them a different story so that each one of them is confused about Him and they would never find the real truth about Him. Yeah really if you believe that God wrote all those books then this is the only explanation. Obviously God never wrote even one of the word in those books. It were mere imagination or exaggeration  of what they saw happening all around them. Their fears were tied to stories by the more intelligent ones so they could overcome their fears. If you believe too much in them, then I am sorry but thats what I believe. PS: This continues as a series of questions posed as explained here . Other related posts are: http://the100rabh.blogs

Those 8 Questions - Question 3

Would an omnipotent being need to think in the way that people understand it? Or is thinking unnecessary for a timeless, indestructible being whose preferences are the same as reality? If we say that its true then God is just another human. Well personification of God is there in almost all religions of the world. In a sense we actually reduce the complexity of being God just enough so that we can make some sense out of Him. But then the big question still there is that is reason for human life a conscious effort or is it merely a coincidence of right things being there at the right places. Its really interesting to think about possibilities and not concretely prove anything. Thats the thing that many people around the world, not just in India, are exploiting to make people believe that they have the sole ownership on the right way of life and God is with them. But then my next question is that, if God is with you then why are you still suffering and why you still ne

Are humans the product of a skilled or an unskilled designer?

Are Humans perfect. Well the answer obviously is no. As Scott Adams would like to say "If God is so smart why so you fart". If you look carefully at the human body you would obviously marvel at the creators skills. So calling the designer unskilled is actually sad if not wrong. That would definitely be the view of a pessimist soul. But if think logically even the best of professional  fails make things perfect. So you can forgive our creator for all that is there which is not perfected. With the presently available information all I can say is that our creator is studying us. He wants to make never version of humans as he has been doing for all these years. Since humans are not perfect he will surely create something better. When is the question yet to be answered. Let see when that happens.

Barcamp Bangalore 07 Winter Edition Kickoff

Barcamp kickoff meet was there at India Coffee House at MG Road. I reached there just in time to find the Barcamp regulars Arun, Hari, Jace a.k.a. Kiran(I found out that day), Srinivas and Keshav among others whom I kind of met for the first time. Since I was there before others could join in, I had a little chit-chat with them. One thing was clear to me at that time, Collectives or no Collectives would be the hot topic. Soon more people joined us, among those who I remember are Vinoo, Manasi and Kiruba. Well actually there were too many to remember and without the list from Hari I dont think I can recall all names :-( Another important mention that I would make here is Aditya who joined us on phone. Well as I had predicted Collectives or no Collectives drove the discussion. Most of us made it amply clear that collectives are required but we need to buck up the communications part. Another suggestion was to make the collectives instead of folder like, make them tag like. But frankl

Why Vodka?

One stupid and innovative Australian tried to commit suicide by drinking an antifreeze compound. Just as diamond is used to cut a diamond the doctors found the antidote in alcohol. Alcohol is an antifreeze . But very soon the chemist was out of stock. So they used Vodka instead.  This incident leaves me wondering, was vodka the fav of the gentleman in question or the doc, so that he could have some for free. Then again why not beer or rather Fosters(Oz for beer). Why not some good quality wine or a vintage whisky. After all wine, whisky and vodka all have same quantity of alcohol. Another thought is that may be all this is a publicity stunt by the Vodka maker who are accumulating losses. Is Vodka really cheap out there that the docs preferred vodka to anything else. Whatever be the case one thing is for sure, that poor chap is going to have a real bad hangover. Where are the anti-hangover pill makers, you have a good customer here or may be a Model(provided he gets over the ha

Google guys are just too good

I think you guys must have had a real good experience searching on Google. No wonder they have a very good algorithm but then that too us susceptible to spam so you cant really have 100% reliability on that. That was the question that made me think that googlrithm is more complex than what it seems. And yesterday night I got that light from my thinking bulb. At first when Google introduced Google Sitemaps and Google Analytics. No one would have suspected it to have any consequences on search. But now I realize that the assumption is perhaps wrong. So heres my hypothesis on how Google makes it happen. Well every webmaster now by default goes to Google Sitemaps to get his site in the list. The webmaster would get information like his indexed pages, when his page was indexed and what searches picked up his pages and at what rank. It also records for which searches his site was visited. Great now you know who visited your site for what result. But then Google also knows. From here Google

If you suspected you were deluded, how could you find out for sure? : Those 8 questions answered

So the big questions is how would you find out if you were deluded. I tried to solve this problem in the same way as I do with my computer science problem. Relate to the problem in a different manner. Try and imagine that same problem in a different perspective. So in this case I replace a delude self with a blind man. Now if one fine day due to some neurological miracle he begins to see. But the catch is that what he is seeing is imaginary most of the time. Now this guy will never be able to find out what is that he is watching is not imaginary. The way out, is that he can ask someone else about the correctness of the situation. But what is the other person too is having a kind of hallucination. And if there is too much of faith involved then the logic and truth are doomed for life. Ultimate solution could be testing the facts for truth yourself. Now take for example there is a magical act. How do you test for truthfulness. Well only tools that you have are openness of your mind and t

Those 8 questions

I read this book called Religious Wars by Scott Adams. It was a rather interesting take on the current world situation. The usual humor writer whom we associate with Dilbert has now given a rather different view. Seems like he has grown old finally . He posed the following questions. 1. If you suspected you were deluded, how could you find out for sure? 2. Are humans the product of a skilled or an unskilled designer? 3. Would an omnipotent being need to think in the way that people understand it? Or is thinking unnecessary for a timeless, indestructible being whose preferences are the same as reality? 4. Why would God be so unclear about what book or books he authored? 5. Is consciousness anything more than a continual process of imagining, acting, observing the impact of the action, and imagining again with new information? 6. The dictionary defines "faith" as belief without evidence. It defines "stupidity" a

We now know for whom the muslims round the world prayed

When I heard Pakistani Skipper Shohaib Mallik tell in the presentation ceremony that he was thankful to all the muslims around the world who had supported him I really felt surprised. But then the humor in me came alive and some interesting thoughts hit me. So I tell you about possibility number 1. It so happened that muslims around the world did not pray for Pakistan. It actually happened that most of the muslims in India were supporting the home team. So keeping in mind the majority, Allaha decided that India should win. So Mr Shohab Mallik's only hope went for a toss. Another possibility is that the muslim's Shohaib Mallik was counting on certain muslims who were actually busy praying for success in suicide attacks on innocent civilians so that in turn they would get 70 odd virgins in heaven. In the end Shohaib Mallik had no one praying for him. Another reason could be that since the muslims prayed that may the may the muslims take the cup. And God looking at Irfan Pat

An Anthropology of Indian Chutneys

Well the Indian household as I understand makes use of four different varieties of chutneys mainly. Though there are several other variations available but as far as I know the usual ones are Green Chutney or Dhaniya ki Chutney Imli ki Chutney Nariyal Chutney Tomato Sauce(Yes the way we use it, yes you can call it chutney) So what so special about green chutney. Well it is the spicy variety. People often(may be once in a blue moon t) confuse it with chilly sauce but it is distinct from it. Unlike the sauces it cannot be preserved for long duration, or rather it is not. Another difference which might be irrelevant is that this chutney is made of dhaniya. Whats that in English. Sorry I dont know. Google and find out if you wish too. The most awesome thing of this chutney is that it adds a flavour to the snacks that you are having without actually destroying the original flavour of the snacks. Imli ki Chutney is of the sweet variety. I

I would say just read it

Check this post ...This post is just for that. Hats off to Mahesh Radhakrishnan,Vijay Anand, Divya Rajagopal and the rest of the team which is there with them.

DCamp Bangalore.....Yes I was there

With so many things happening for the engineers Bar Camp, OCC and now D Camp . Sure we are going to see the next MS or Google from India very soon. D Camp or design camp was held a Yahoo office in EGL. First presentation was by Muthu from Sun Microsystems. He started with demo on how to use CSS and Javascript. Next how to use it to get ' Your Kind' of a look for your webpage. Then we had the demo for YUI Javascript Library. And the usual corporate bashing was kicked off but Muthu cleverly moved the controversy out by saying that YUI is his favourite thats all and the ultimate call to use is on the developer themselves. Joe Arnold from Yahoo! was next to make a presentation with an unusual title " Learning to Fly ". Rather actually it was a great one. Interesting way to explain how to design, using the Wright brothers experience on how to build invent a plane. Some interesting thought on what it takes to build or rather invent a good product. You need

Ram Ram....Yeah kya hai

WTF...thats what I said when I heard this . Amazing thing. Ram never existed. But dude how can we prove that we prove that Ram never existed. How can you prove that somebody some hundred thousand years ago existed. I cannot see your brains does that mean anything. I really cant say that. Its just an open question, a question of faith. And a country like India which is not secular. Yes its not secular because here's what Google returns from define:secular . I would say India is more of multi-religious. You need to respect the peoples sentiments and if there is mythology associated with any of the places you need to respect them. Now that Govenment is reviewing and calling back its affidavit I feel we need to rething what should be done in this non-secular multi religious India. But the blogospheres reaction was interesting. Some of them are here Did Lord Rama Exist? yet another goof up in

Hindu India??? Muslim Billionaire -- Bullshit

The Wall street Journal reports with this as its headline How a Muslim Billionaire Thrives in Hindu India Mr. Premji Has Wealth And Clout as Wipro Chief; The Imam Disapproves. What bullshit is this. Hindu India??? Was it Mr Praveen Togaria or some stupid Hindu Fundamentalist who gave this view. India is not Hindu first of all and it was not he being Hindu or Muslim that made the difference. It was his hard work and vision that saw him make that mark in the International space. More than Mr Azim Premji I feel its former President of India APJ Abul Kalaam who is looked upon a role model than anything else. And if the report is to suggest anything, its the fact that Wipro has made its mark because of its secular policies. I dont know of any Indian Hindu billionaire who would not be secular. Although you are a pious Hindu like the Birlas building a temple in every city in India, but when you do business you cannot constrain yourself on the people front. I dont think its true.

Google Webmaster Sitemaps bug

Dear Google, I have my blog at as you can see ;-). I was looking into Google Webmaster Sitemaps . Today I found that I was not able to see more than 100 inlinks to my page. The main page link was this The next link was this,0,100,0,0&fwd=true It was frustrating to see that clicking on the next link I went to the main inlinks page. For the time being I found solution as this

Bangalore Bloggers Meet II

It started with the mail from Me :-).... So finally we meet on 8th Sept 07 after a lot of requests falling for the meet day to be shifted from 1st to 8th. Here I went to see that the key organizer, Sanjukta is not there. Oh no she is late... After a quick round of introductions AJ started the meet with what should be in the mailing list. We had a number of views. AJ's suggestions was to have different mailing lists Ramjee suggested that we have a forum Another is that we make rules like Do not publicize your own blog. Make etiquettes to work with mailing list posts. Himanshu's suggestion was to have a number of moderators. Final decision Have an etiquette for mailing list. Make moderators if things go out of hand. Etiquette Only people from the mailing list those who are not having relevant blog. No personal blog

My Ideal Startup

Well last Sunday I again happened to be at the Open Coffee Club of Bangalore. A whole lot of interesting ideas on marketing and all were tossed up. The big question that's always in my mind was answered during this session. Yes what is my ideal startup. I think what would make up my ideal startup would be some ideas taken from Hari and Venkat (Venkat has a startup named OutSmart, so guys be ready to expect something). Here are the something's a startup should do. Be positive about your idea and more importantly show it. Have a long term plan, something like 2 years. Be ready and plan up to flourish in those two years, not just survive. This should be planned before you get your hands wet. Waiting for VC may not be the best bet. Keep ground realities in check. More often than not the power of idea is so strong that one can loose track of customer expectations. Be firmly stitched to that ground. Make employees feel that

Silly questions

It makes me worry sometimes looking at the kind of reporting that goes on in the media. I feel there are just too many junk heads around who do just the useless reporting. But then I feel that Scott Adam is just so right, everyone is an idiot depending on the situation. Each one of us just acts stupid at some point or the other. But still I always thought that there were a lot many checks in place for the media to not allow such useless comments to come out in the open. Here is the latest by Indian Express . They asked Mr Saurav 'Dada' Ganguly if they are going to win the series in England. What is dada supposed to answer. Yeah the Englishmen are going to beat us our pants down( Yeah I cannot pull off my shirt) or The Indian team is lead by a loser who cannot butter his bread or Dawood paid us Rs 100000000000000000000000000000000 to loose. Bullshit. Hopeless Other known examples. A man has just survived a building that fell on him but left his near and dear ones dead. And the

Seven Strategies to getting an auto in Bangalore

I know that like me, many Bangaloreans of all origins have a lot of trouble in getting auto. The biggest problem is that people have shell out amounts which are really high. We can easily blame it on the Autowalas but the truth is that he too wants to earn a lot of money like all of us out here. He too wants to have a Capachino at the CCD or take a bite at McDees. But the auto fare just does not allow him to do all that. Now that he has an advantage got himself. There a lot of people and comparatively lot less auto-rickshaws. So he just asks for obscene amounts of money for a distance way too less. I have faced it myself and now here I present to you 'Strategies to getting an auto in Bangalore'. Well let me start with rule no. 1 Rule 1 Never pay more that whats in the meter. If you just cannot follow this rule, please do not read further.The strategy is definitely not going to work for you. Infact you could even help raising the unjustified fares even more. Rule 2 Read Rule No.

What a stupid question.

Will jail for Salman Khan deter wildlife poaching? Thats the most stupid of the questions to ask actually. But still the CNN-IBN dared to ask . Amazing stupidity. Did Sanjay Dutt's imprisonment prevent people from helping mafia and terrorists. Its stupid that the very same people who made huge hue and cry over imprisonment for Sanjay Dutt are considering jail for Salman. Its kind of a hypocrisy to ask for imprisonment for killing a Blackbuck and not for plotting to kill hundreds of Mumbaikars . I just cant imagine the value of life of humans is lesser than the animal. Strange ways of media in India. Will anyone talk??

Game Set Match Won

After two post I finally get to hear what I wanted. The confession of a journalist...NO A 'feature article writer' . Here is what Mrs Priyadarshini Nandy has to say in her post today And btw, I didnt form opinion on what the TEL guys told me.. It was a feature article and not a journalistic piece. I just wrote what they told me.. if you come and tell me that you have fun at work, I don't know why I should'nt believe you - then, I'd have to mistrust everyone.. What a life that would be! This statement makes it clear for everyone each of the points I had made in my first post regarding this. Let me make that once more. Do not trust Mid Day as a reliable source of information. You never know when they are writing a feature article and when a real review. Tata Elxsi made up all those stories. Tata Elxsi does not trea