Game Set Match Won

After two post
I finally get to hear what I wanted. The confession of a journalist...NO A 'feature article writer'. Here is what Mrs Priyadarshini Nandy has to say in her post today
And btw, I didnt form opinion on what the TEL guys told me.. It was a feature article and not a journalistic piece. I just wrote what they told me.. if you come and tell me that you have fun at work, I don't know why I should'nt believe you - then, I'd have to mistrust everyone.. What a life that would be!
This statement makes it clear for everyone each of the points I had made in my first post regarding this. Let me make that once more.
  • Do not trust Mid Day as a reliable source of information. You never know when they are writing a feature article and when a real review.
  • Tata Elxsi made up all those stories.
  • Tata Elxsi does not treat employees as it talks about treating them. Thats the reason it has to take the help of feature articles. Comments on my and Priyadarshini's blog are ample indicator of the same.
  • Either there is nothing called Tata Values (it may be one of the illusion created by feature articles) or Bosses at Tata Elxsi have thrown it out of the window( thats why they get the moolah).
  • The author of that has more lies to tell than the truth. She is perfectly suited for reporting Page 3 parties. Please contact her, she will definitely write a very good feature article :-P She still says she was in dark about the truth of Tata Elxsi. Well all I can say is that suspicion should have had risen when people at Tata Elxsi preferred have a few people's picture taken, rather than giving pictures of some event which took place a few days back, if indeed people in Tata Elxsi have fun.
Indian media is sold out to others. This was exactly the feeling when I read all over the media about Sanjay Dutt. He is a bloody criminal who harbored terrorists. But media is portraying him as if he is the next Mahatma Gandhi. Yes he did play the role of Munna who followed principles of Mahatma Gandhi but thats it. He did have conversations with Dawood and other underworld ganglords. He did stage shows for Dawood. So were many others involved in the Bombay Blast which killed so many. After all AK-47 which probably killed a few innocent cititzens of India was found at him home. But media portrays him as a victim rather than a villian. Yes he is a Khalnayak. Probably that transformation was also due to immense power he commands.
I now seriously believe that I should trust bloggers more for reviews than the Mid Day. Thats simply because unlike sponsored posts by bloggers Mid Day does not care to make it clear to the reader if this article has been sponsored. This is the sad truth of media today. I hope Mid Day makes it a point to highlight in its article the fact that they have received some favors to write it. Thats the most ethical thing to do. May God give them right senses.
And as far as the business people are concerned , well their only objective is to make money anyways. So no point of talking of ethics and stuff about them.
Thanks to every who commented on my post as well as that of Priyadarshini Nandy's. You helped me make the noise enough to get to one ear. I hope this noise goes far and wide.


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