Why we hate certain people instictively

It is just another of those random thoughts that keep coming to me once in a while. I was just wondering how we people instinctively typecast people into good and bad. It is usually that we make a decision within the first 30 seconds according to a research. Yes there is some research please google it out. I did not want to do any time wasting on that I leave that to you. But I am sure that this research exists. I think that a lot of factors come into play when we typecast a person as good, bad or useless crap. Profession being one of them.

Now lets look at some of the professionals who give you an immediate WOW.
  • Doctor
  • Journalist
  • Software Engineer(I believe this because I am one :-)
  • Defence Personnel
  • Sports Champs
  • Teachers
And some that get an instant thumbs down.
  • Police Personnel
  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Boss, probably just yours.
  • All kinds of brokers and agents
The immediate question that came to my mind is that why is that we take people into the given cast. It is really a mind boggling thing that we just hate people because of their profession. But then all reactions of a human is based on previous experiences. So is it that all or most people belonging to a certain profession is bad. Well we call all politician bad and same goes for all other hated professionals. I have friends who are into professions falling into the wrong category, but I know then more closely than anyone else would have had time before they make a decision. So whats the reason. Heres my explanation for this behavior.

Human brain continuously discards information. We do not remember anything more than a few minutes of our day at the night when we go to sleep and with each passing day it just gets eroded more and more. Thats bad is it? No actually its good. We are saved from information overload. Its like we delete old and useless files from our PC once we do not have any more space. The big question is that what to keep and what to discard. Probably our brain has a very good algorithm in place which we are still to decode. Now what happens is we remember only the good experiences. All other bad once are compressed in a manner that we call as typecasting. Our brain subconsciously makes a decision on whats good and whats bad. We also call it instincts. What to do about the suggestion given by the instinct is left to an individual. So if you say someone is bad, its because you had some bad experiences with some lawyers or policemen or the politicians. Your instinct does not tell you about some policemen who did something good to you, but you remember when he made you pay a bribe subconsciously.

I feel this is one of the best ways to deal with a situation. Our brain just deletes all bad experiences so that we actually live a life of good experiences and not in nightmarish memories. Also any dangers that you faced earlier are flagged off as a warning to you. So our brain is actually a very polished piece of work. Whats your take on this thought of mine?


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