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Automated Gmail Account creator

Well I read this story sometime back I thought it was some sort of rumor. But it seems that the software is now available to the general public via the . Heres the page which has the complete application which can create gmail accounts for you in a jiffy. Though I am not sure of reliability of this app because I dare not install apps from such location for the fear of malwares and rootkits. After this report I dont trust my anti-virus to be of any help in identifying these. I would not recommend you to use it either. Here is what the application claims to do. Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts in Seconds Flat. Setup Auto-Responder automatically! Setup Forwarding automatically! Use random or custom names! Enable POP3 automatically! Proxy support: HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5 Multiple exporting options! Automatic self-updating software! From the image its clear that you can either create a single gmail account or a number of them with letters or n

What I love in Firefox 3

There has been much said about Firefox3, good and bad. People have stayed away from the beta and RC builds because the real power of Firefox, the extensions is not there yet. But still I got hooked to it since its Beta 3 release, which I found was more or less stable. So heres my fav feature list in no particular order. I actually love all of them. 1. The new location of the Home Button.    I think this is something which is one of the most normal thing to be done. But some product manager probably of the first browser wanted it that way or the dev said that if you want it someplace else, then more time is needed. Since then everyone has been putting that home button next to Refresh. Seems stupid now, doesn't it.  2. Most Visited Button. True of late what I do most of the time is that I visit the same pages. Its not all that often that I need to find new stuff or am bombarded with links. So this most visited button is just cool. 3. Smart bookmarks - Tagging, most visited

Oh fudge....20% of Americans have never used email

Believe it friends around 20% Americans have never used email . What is even more mind boggling is that some 30% of households dont have access to internet service. Consider this that in India we have just 27.5% of people living below the poverty line. Rest are above. The number of people who have never had food is nearly 0%. This is one of the greatest achievements of Indian government over the 61 years of independence from the blood sucking Britishers. Its a real sham that US has more people with broadband than we have without food. A pity on those obsese americans who are the wasting around 3,770 calories of food energy per day . Well you think its crap. Well I never said this is intellectual.

Random Post

There is possibly nothing better than blabbering without a cause. Thats something that earns millions for certain cos and individuals who would speak whatever they can in the heat of the moment. There will random blames on certain people about the cause of the blast, without realizing anything. They would blame anything and everyone about whatever that has happened. Some would consider themselves the messiah of all things. They will act Godly but duck at the first chance of a risk. The guy reporting the situation will photograph the dying instead of saving him. Later act as the Messenger of God. Is it that humans find success in misery. More often than not, the bigger the villian, the more powerful is the hero. Its misery of the situation which probably bring out the hero. The smell of the flower in the morning and evening hours seem awesome but the same during afternoon seems different. I believe that its just our perception changes in those hours. Its highly unlikely that the flowe

If only ads dont lie

A picture is worth a thousand words. Obviously went overboard with the ad campaign.   Common yaar every body knows there are no beautiful girls in Software. By the way never heard anyone say Software Engineering as their qualification. What do you think of now??   A few other ads which they may have A hunk describing himself as havaldar or constable. A hottie posing as PhD in science. Another hottie posing as Women Welfare executive Can u think of any other situations??

Manoranjan Unlimited -- Baap of WWE is here

Now if someone says I am proved wrong then buddy you need to look here and here . What the heck is it man. Isnt it what WWE is all about. After all its about entertainment. Stupid entertainment. You play with feelings and generate regionalism and hatred. Is it what entertainment is all about. What ever happened to cricket. I had initially surmised that all the entertainment would there due to SRK and Priety being around. But as it turns out Ganguly, Warne, Harbhajan and Sreesanth are not bad. To me it sounds more like those Rs20 per over games which are there at a lot of places where you can go and hit the ball as hard as you can. Stupid junta will watch anything. Since the organisers did not have faith in the stupidity of the Indian Junta, they got themselves skimpily clad cheerleaders who would entertain the crowd with their moves. Wow  now that something I would pay anything for. After all staring/glancing/X-Raying females is the national passtime of India. The lesser the clothe