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And he was talking of logic, reasoning and religion

Hi friends, you might read the above as wonder why is this on my blog. Well simple isn't. It’s about the recent controversy on Papal Address at University of Regendsburg . A lot of demonstrations etc are being held all over the world. But I doubt how many people have actually read the Papal Address. And I must say that his remarks are remarkable going with him. I think this is what is called "Saanp ke aage been bajaana". He wanted people not to go by what the leaders are saying but what logic and reasoning says. He wanted people to apply logic. But do people know. I really feel that whatever is the 'Fatwa'. Some people will follow. It just makes others feel that Muslims by the virtue of being one lose the sense of being a logical person. But I know that it’s not true. I have a few friends who are Muslims. But not the so called "Madarsa Idiots". How can they ask for an apology just for the sake of mention of Islam in his speech? What he said was t

Munnabhai Ne To Maccha Diya

Munnabhai ne pehle MBBS ki degree lee aur khola pol All India Munnabhai's & Company ka. But this time around he is different. And I am sure parallels with Munna this time around is not possible. Though he has this great sword of TADA hanging on him in real world but still acting is acting and he just does it all too well. It was good to see a one time drug addict and TADA accused taking up the challenge of tackling the problems of life in a totally 'Gandhigiri' manner. The gem of creativity is that he came up with 'Gandhigiri'. Now the rather innocent and sacrosanct word 'Gandhiwad' seems like a totally defeated lot. Probably the Hindi Teachers souls are crying this day. And I don't find it impossible that some guy in some school would have had written 'Gandhigiri' instead of Gandhiwad'. But if you look at what our politicians have done with Samajwad, Gandhiwad and Lohiawad. I very well suggest that commoner like us take to Gand

Wah re Bande 'Vande Matram'

A lot has been written and told. Many views have emerged and finally it was over. 7th of September came and went. The Congress wants to say that 'Ok man no probs. If you wish to sing then is good else whatever who cares'. And the counter view is from BJP -- 'Sing or loose ur right to be an Indian'. Then you have all those journalists asking every person in the street -- 'Hey man do u know how to sing Vande Matram ' or ' Do you know the meaning of this word or that one'. Just too much of bullshit has been going on here now. It makes me feel confused. I was not able to realise what is right or what is wrong. But then enlightment came from an unknown source. It was "V for Vendetta". A movie, a cartoon but I guess one great thing about this movie was that it said was enough for me to realise the truth in this mess. Those words are "Symbol by itself has no meaning, but with enough people it can change the world" Really thi