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[Jan 28] - Interesting things I learnt this week

 This is my experiment to compile a few interesting things which I read about during the week. I hope I can continue this for this year at least.   1. One Pedal Driving : This is an article about one-pedal driving in electric cars. It discusses what one-pedal driving is and the benefits of using it. One-pedal driving allows you to accelerate and brake using only the gas pedal. This can help extend the life of your brakes and increase your car’s range. It also reduces stress while driving. The article also details how one-pedal driving works and how to use it safely.  My Take: This is really nice idea. I drive a smart hybrid which I kind of drive in a one pedal mode. Not sure if I am getting most bang for the buck, but I kind of am used to leaving the accelerator and the car slowing down and coming to a stop where I want (obviously I need to brake for complete stop) ever since I learnt driving first, thanks for my trainer.    2. Reading QR Codes manually - This guide teaches you