[Jan 28] - Interesting things I learnt this week

 This is my experiment to compile a few interesting things which I read about during the week. I hope I can continue this for this year at least.


1. One Pedal Driving : This is an article about one-pedal driving in electric cars. It discusses what one-pedal driving is and the benefits of using it. One-pedal driving allows you to accelerate and brake using only the gas pedal. This can help extend the life of your brakes and increase your car’s range. It also reduces stress while driving. The article also details how one-pedal driving works and how to use it safely. 

My Take: This is really nice idea. I drive a smart hybrid which I kind of drive in a one pedal mode. Not sure if I am getting most bang for the buck, but I kind of am used to leaving the accelerator and the car slowing down and coming to a stop where I want (obviously I need to brake for complete stop) ever since I learnt driving first, thanks for my trainer. 


2. Reading QR Codes manually - This guide teaches you how to learn to read QR Codes all by yourself. I dont know why I read it but it seems like one of those useless stuff to learn. But it was interesting to know the details of QR Code which I somehow never got to. 

My Take: Read it to learn more about QR Codes and but I dont think I will ever use it.

3. Death of Rudolf Diesel - The inventor of Diesel Engines died a tragic but mysterious death. No one knows for sure what happened. But it was clear, he was gone and bankrupt. He left his wife a small amount of cash( $120,000 in today's term) and that was all. Worse there was no memorial for him till Magokichi Yamaoka, the founder of Yanmar and few others built for him on his 100th birth anniversary.

My Take: Not all inventors have made big in business but none the less they have changed the world for us in ways more than 1. May be should recognize these folks more than just their money. 


4. Winlator - Its an Android application that lets you to run Windows (x86_64) applications with Wine and Box86/Box64. Unfortunately its not on PlayStore or FDroid yet but it has specific install instructions which are here.

My Take: I was expecting to try it this week but could not. I find the whole idea amusing and wonder why would I want to do it, then I ask why not. It can help me run a few interesting app on the tablet, then it will be one of those magical app I guess.


Fahad said…
Very interesting about Diesel. In fact I never heard of the man, until your blog. Which I came to discover because I'm trying to learn C++ through building a small mp3 player.
What a world, what a life.
In any case you have a new reader.

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