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Rich Indians

People think Indians do not have enough money. But the when India is so big, its GDP is pretty high, where does all the money go. Well the answer to that has been recently revealed by the Income Tax Department. Full story is here. But the big question is how did he manage to get away or rather how come he got caught. Answer to the former question is simple. He paid a hefty bribe. But how come he got caught. I think this is one question which requires special investigation. I am not all that resourceful to do that. Anyways the idea of writing this blog was not that. It was something else. Well if u talk in terms of hard money, then I dont think so that there is any person who has more money at hand than this guy. Forbes India list is hopelessly made of people whose value dwindles as often as the share market moves. Those guys are worth their shares. But this guys is awesome. He has hard cash. There one more side to it. I strongly believe that there are many more people like this fellow.