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Why I am keeping myself away from Barcamp Bangalore planning

I have been part of Barcamp Bangalore for 9 years now and its been more like a part of my life. I have played many roles there, from keeping the website up, readying it for the next edition, making the Android App, sometimes acting like a product manager by telling others what to do and what not to, sometimes acting like a project manager by constantly keeping tabs on folks who have deadlines to keep, sometimes acting like a finance guy to takes care of sponsorships and expenses. It felt almost like running a bootstrapped startup where no one gets paid but gives you a different kind of satisfaction. Its been fun all these years working with so many different people that I dont want to name folks for the act of missing even one of them will be criminal on my part. But I must say, each one of the folks have taught me something and each have a quality I admire and try to build into my life ( but sadly sometimes I fail at it, obviously they are just so awesome) But this year I decided t