Why I am keeping myself away from Barcamp Bangalore planning

I have been part of Barcamp Bangalore for 9 years now and its been more like a part of my life. I have played many roles there, from keeping the website up, readying it for the next edition, making the Android App, sometimes acting like a product manager by telling others what to do and what not to, sometimes acting like a project manager by constantly keeping tabs on folks who have deadlines to keep, sometimes acting like a finance guy to takes care of sponsorships and expenses. It felt almost like running a bootstrapped startup where no one gets paid but gives you a different kind of satisfaction. Its been fun all these years working with so many different people that I dont want to name folks for the act of missing even one of them will be criminal on my part. But I must say, each one of the folks have taught me something and each have a quality I admire and try to build into my life ( but sadly sometimes I fail at it, obviously they are just so awesome)

But this year I decided to not be part of the planning team. I have usually seen this happens when there is an internal struggle in the team or the folks have been upto something completely different and are head down in that one. Well for me its none of them.

I have seen that sometimes when you are the defacto leaders of the team, the team becomes dysfunctional once the leader is not there, like what happened to foss.in. Even Barcamp Bangalore once struggled when one fine day a few of the leaders decided that they have other priorities. I want to make sure that Barcamp Bangalore goes on even though I am not there. Me and Daaku have been kind of been there the longest and with Daaku not being there last time around, his absence was sorely felt during the entire time but the team was able to work around that.

In hope there are multiple leaders in the team who can steer Barcamp Bangalore to the continuous success it has been, I decided to leave the team to run the show without me. I decided to be on the sidelines of everything. I just am watching these amazing folks run the show this time and will be providing the help needed at the time( which I am sure they dont need). And I am now just waiting for the dates for next BCB to be announced.

Like every year, yes my session idea is already there in my head which I will post as soon as registrations open at http://barcampbangalore.org .  


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