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My Best Cell Phone

I was just wondering at so many cell phones available out in the market. Though I still use Nokia 1100, but that does not stop me imagining the best cell phone for me. After a lot of thoughts on it I have come up with my own specification. So here it goes. Good external speakers. Crystal clear sound. And the sound should be loud enough that removes the need for extra addon speakers at any time. The mic should be such that it can cut off all the noise in the background(High tech but I think its possible) A good camera, around 4Mega pixel one. Also capable of recording movies in DVD Quality. Storage capacity of 100GB. Use any means possible. I hardly care. Should be small in size...Not any bigger than my Nokia 1100 right now. Screen resolution of some 16million colours at least. Should have a screen that is big enough almost as big as the whole phone and. Better if its extensible by opening the panel outwards. Keypad with keys like a normal keyboard unlike usual phones. Ability to intro