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Bill for Prevention of Moral Policing

I now try to introduce this Bill for Prevention of Moral Policing. Now the most obvious question is that why? Well moral policing is becoming a menacing problem in India now. We need to create some sort of a law for prevention of this menace. But then isnt it that nothing is going to change if I put this Bill in here. Well that anyways happens, look at Women Reservation Bill for starters, its pending since eternity now. So here I present the Bill for you. By this Act, every citizen of India is given the right to dress, act and speak as he/she wishes to unless he violates any of the laws of the Indian Constitution. Any act by a person/group/organisation to forecfully stop or intimidate any person or group from acting according to his/her will be punishable under this act. Any such action would lead to the group/person/organisation being declared guilty and would be punishable with minimum 6years to maximum of 14 years of rigorous imprisonment and/or fine upto Rs 50lakhs or actual

Some of my sad jokes on IPL

Well IPL is being moved out of India for all the reasons in the world. Now IPL stands for Indian Premier League. But who lifted the cup last time around ? Well it was Shane Warne . Interesting isn’t it. An Australian lifting the Indian Premier Legaue. Well if u consider that there are a large number of Indians in Australia, well its not all that bad to think. Anyways from now on I would refer the event as IPL. I now seriously believe that IPL is a direct challenge to ICC. How? well, ICC can only organize the World Cup every three or four years. But BCCI would do this every year. The best part is that ICC cant do a thing about it. Since last year IPL was held in India, this year it is being moved to South Africa. And its not without a great deal of pitching by South Africa. So if you look at it, BCCI has clearly sidelined ICC by moving IPL to another country. There is one more thing which comes to my notice when I look at the entire IPL saga. Well its Mahatma Gandhi. Interestingly,