Some thoughts on LLMs

The comparison between the current stage of Large Language Models (LLMs) and the introduction of databases in the computer industry is related to the potential impact of LLMs on various applications and industries. Just as databases provided a foundation for various computer systems like Google Search and Gmail, LLMs are becoming a foundation for various language-related applications. Companies like Google have already demonstrated promising results with multiple LLMs, such as Bard, at their I/O conference. OpenAI has also partnered with Microsoft to develop innovative LLM solutions. In addition, the open-source community is making significant contributions to the development of LLMs, as seen with projects like Vicuna. Looking into the future, the open-source solutions may play an essential role in running custom-tuned on-premise or on-device LLMs. This highlights the potential for innovative solutions and applications that can be built on top of these LLMs. One industry that could ben

OKRs and SMART Goals : When and Why they fail

OKR, or Objectives and Key Results, is a method for setting and tracking progress toward specific, measurable, and time-bound goals. The framework consists of two parts: objectives, which are the high-level aspirations an organization or individual wants to achieve, and key results, which are the specific and measurable steps needed to reach each objective. OKR was created by former Intel CEO Andy Grove and has been adopted by companies like Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The purpose of the OKR system is to align goals, focus efforts, and measure progress towards objectives. SMART goals are objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. The acronym was coined in 1981 by George Doran and is widely used as a framework for setting and achieving goals. A SMART goal is clear, quantifiable, achievable, aligned with broader goals, and has a deadline. This framework can help individuals and organizations to focus their efforts, track progress, and achieve their

Difference between Agile and Waterfall model as per ChatGPT

I asked chatgpt3 to explain difference between Agile and Waterfall model of project management. This is what it came up with Sure, here's a humorous way to explain the difference between the agile and waterfall models: The agile model is like a game of basketball, where the team is constantly adapting to the changing situation on the court and working together to come up with creative solutions. The waterfall model is more like a game of chess, where each move is carefully planned out in advance and the goal is to follow a strict set of rules to achieve victory. In other words, the agile model is all about flexibility and adaptability, while the waterfall model is about following a predetermined plan. So if you're the type of person who likes to wing it and go with the flow, the agile model is probably for you. But if you're a stickler for rules and like to have everything planned out in advance, the waterfall model might be a better fit. Then I asked about satire, and thi

A critique of metrics

  Metrics are measurements or indicators used to evaluate the performance or effectiveness of something, such as a business, a program, or a system. There are several type of metrics that you might encounter Financial metrics: These metrics are used to measure the financial impact, eg income, expense, profits, GMV, Unit metrics etc Operational metrics: These metrics are used to measure the operational performance of a business, such as CSAT, KISS Metrics, NPS, earning per employee etc. Performance metrics: These metrics are used to measure the performance of an individual, a team, or an organization, such as time to launch, time from idea to landing, lines of code etc. For software systems it might also be time it takes for a user to complete a task in the system, system load for the transaction, number of concurrent transactions per second, users severed per second etc. Quality metrics: These metrics are used to measure the quality of a product, service, or process, such as bugs per k

Barcamp Bangalore 2022

Barcamp is something I appreciate a lot. There is literally no other event which is anywhere close to what Barcamp is. I may be saying the cheesy line from the Maggi hot and sweet sauce ad, but "it's different". I dont know about any other event where we have people come and talked about so many varied topics with enthusiasm, other than Barcamp Bangalore(BCB). During the pandemic it was shutdown. I think each one of us had our own share of troubles with the pandemic. Everything was quiet on all channels during the pandemic till Dr. Sanjay decided to ask " Any plans for next barcamp? " in April 2022 on BCB Telegram group . No one replied to that. But then he persisted and was more direct with his offer in July 2022. Any plans for next barcamp? Let's do it in RV University in September. Next to Pattanagere metro station I could not help but not reply to that message and people just joined in. Let me tell you that of all the folks who replied, only Bibhas a

My current thoughts on starting up

In case you are intrigued by the words, 'current thoughts' well I don't know anyone who has changed their thinking more in the last decade on various different things than me. I think it will be changing as things do and as I evolve as a person. So that's me right now. Starting up on my own venture has been on my mind for a long long time. But it has not really taken any real shape till now. My mom still jokes that I wanted to start while in school. You know it never started. I had ever since thought of different things but never made them into real life. Closest I ever got was to get a prototype built and showcase it but then again never pushed it. Of late I realise that I have a very crucial element missing which leaves me directionless after some time. I don't have a clear goal and mission for myself while building anything. The only goal at times is to build something. Guess builder culture is ingrained in me. So I gave myself some time to think about

My Adventures in buying a washing machine

I bought my first washing machine in 2008-09 while I was a bachelor. It was a very basic top load automatic one from Videocon. I have fond memories of using the machine as a single person living alone, setting it up at night with the delay-wash option. Before going to work, I would just hang the washed and partially dried clothes. Recently after years, its parts began to fail, mostly due to natural wear and tear. My trusted electrician refused to fix it anymore and asked me to buy a new one. Left with no choice but to look for one, I replaced it. RIP my dear Videocon, you did good while you were around. Researching and finding the "perfect" appliance online is a mess. Trust is a scarce resource and things get deprecated soon. So, basically, the model recommended is no more available in the market. I decided to go the old-school way and check with the local dealer. Among the available brands, I had decided that I would either get a Samsung or an LG one. So I went and checked t