A chapter of my work life comes to a close

I dont know how but I somehow missed publishing this post in time, but better late than never I guess ;P I recently resigned from as Technical Architect after nearly 3 years of being with the team. I must give it my leadership there who proactively made sure I was relieved of my duties in a week once they realized I wont budge. Instead of me wasting endless 3 months, doing nothing but killing time, which many companies have, I was quickly transitioned out. I am sure not many folks have had this kind of experience yet in India. As a philosophy in my work life, I had decided a long time back that I wont resign in haste. But once I resign I wont take it back. This has been how I have been working for past 11 years. In fact I thought about moving out Near nearly 5 months back, but was not really sure about that. But the following months made my resolve stronger. Well I wont go into details why I really quit, because that gets boring :D . But what I would really want to recol

Why I am keeping myself away from Barcamp Bangalore planning

I have been part of Barcamp Bangalore for 9 years now and its been more like a part of my life. I have played many roles there, from keeping the website up, readying it for the next edition, making the Android App, sometimes acting like a product manager by telling others what to do and what not to, sometimes acting like a project manager by constantly keeping tabs on folks who have deadlines to keep, sometimes acting like a finance guy to takes care of sponsorships and expenses. It felt almost like running a bootstrapped startup where no one gets paid but gives you a different kind of satisfaction. Its been fun all these years working with so many different people that I dont want to name folks for the act of missing even one of them will be criminal on my part. But I must say, each one of the folks have taught me something and each have a quality I admire and try to build into my life ( but sadly sometimes I fail at it, obviously they are just so awesome) But this year I decided t

My AMA with Reddit India - Devs N Hackers group

I did an AMA with Reddit India Devs N Hackers group on 27th May. It took me some time to get into some shape. All the text below is unedited and right from slack export using some python script. Its available on github at :) Date Username Message 2016-05-27 18:30:28 v For our next AMA we have @Saurabh Minni and here is his intro: Tinkerer at heart. Worked on different technologies from assembly to c++ to Delphi to php to Python to Java to Scala to JavaScript in the past 11years. Have been in Tata Elxsi, Adobe and Intuit previously. Right now Technical Architect at Near. Been organizing Barcamp Bangalore for past 9 years. Author of Apache Kafka Cookbook. Just love technology and try to keep learning new stuff everyday. 2016-05-27 18:41:31 Robin Malhotra @Saurabh Minni: Need advice saar. Delhi doesn’t have tech culture. It’s mostly a chicken and egg problem. How do we break the cycl