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Yeah yeah!! I dont want to join a startup

It was interesting at Bar Camp Bangalore to see so many people being interested in startups. Infact there were many who had already started up. Right from the age of 24 to 42. But are they going to do it all alone. Thats the big question. Yeah you have a couple of friends but is that all thats needed. We had people from Picsquare. These guys were brilliant in ideas. But as told by one of the far more experienced gentleman from Digital Strait, its not just the idea thats pulls you through, its the vision. Lets not get into Mission and Vision statements. I think what is really meant by this is, what are you going to do when the big guys enter your arena. Are you going to sustain yourself or are you going to sell out to those guys. Interesting things. Entrepreneurs are lead into believing that people would just join their startups. Its the in thing. Come on its not the school kids who says he has a blue candy I too need blue candy. Thats outright stupid. You need to tell that I am pay

Bar Camp Bangalore --- Come bar bar

Bar Camp!! Sadly as the name suggests its nothing to do with the liquor bar...but rather it gives you an high of a different kind. You actually get to rub the shoulders with the next big things of the tech world. For a techocrastic person like me thats enough. It was an awesome place to be in for a perfect weekend. And believe me guys I actually lived my college time. It the same atmosphere..similar people..and people who have taken the big step forward. Well this being a collectives edition had people with interest in similar topics sitting together wherever they found, classroom, corridor, hallway, lawn or the amphitheater. It was like, You want it you have it. This time had a lot of insights into a lot of topics that I attended. A full post on each thought of mine is on the way. So watch out. I being in a transition from one job to another went there with an open mind. I was interested in startups and some new stuff that others are into. And I was not disappoin

What if service shuts up

Om Malik had asked a very valid question. What happens to people when a service shut. He could see telephone numbers being lost. He could see people loosing their business. I say what happened when people forget to login to their accounts for a 30 days period. What would happen to those 2.8GB of data in gmail accounts. What would happen if google while trying to bail out gives off all the private data it has collected till date. What about AOL releasing user data, by mistake. What can be done about them My take nothing. Yes nothing. You cannot really expect to have a cake and eat it too. Once you are using a free service, that pretty much it. You are not paying them anything so they are not really obliged to provide you any guarantees. Its upto them what they want to do. Yes if you have paid them, then you have right to ask for anything. Better still I say back up all your important data on you hard disk and never trust some naive startups. Hopefully google will be there for a long lon

Blog - a - lorean

Blog - a - loreans or the Bangalore Bloggers for short. Well thanks to Thejesh that I came to know about it. I thought lets go and give it a try. Lets meet the co-bloggers in Bangalore. Well it was a pleasant surprise to me that so many people. I was expecting some typical geeks to turn up. May be 10 or 15 to the max. But a pleasant surprise to see so many not techies also up there. Just to sum up things there were a couple of things that I was really enthusiastic about after the meet. First the "Web NGO" concept given by Hari. It sounds like a impressive name, but then what do we do. Well best thing is that we can spread the word. More than anything else whats required is information. Blogging in definitely a way to do it. Waiting for more inputs at BCB4 Second was the fact that we decided some of the topics for BCB4. Well more important of the things being "With great power come greater responsibilities" - Thats what is responsible blogging and Tim O

Wanna learn from the Indian Education System

As this news story suggests, the American dudes are here to study the Indian Education System. That too in Kolkatta, West Bengal. God save them. Some comments about the Education System in West Bengal is given at The Telegraph . Clearly the students in West Bengal are overburdened by the outdated system. The text books that I studied in school were the same that were studied by my uncle 20 years ago. As far as Calcutta University is concerned, the books and syllabus has not changed since I dont know when. The text books are being passes on from father to son, provided the father was unlike me and took good care of his books. The last 25years of Communist rule has lead the state, once a shining example of educators heaven, turned into a nightmare. With all unions being dominated by the ruling Communists, it just lost its direction. It failed to see anything that the southern states of India were doing. They transformed education in India. It was the ICSE which started experimen