Wanna learn from the Indian Education System

As this news story suggests, the American dudes are here to study the Indian Education System. That too in Kolkatta, West Bengal. God save them. Some comments about the Education System in West Bengal is given at The Telegraph.

Clearly the students in West Bengal are overburdened by the outdated system. The text books that I studied in school were the same that were studied by my uncle 20 years ago. As far as Calcutta University is concerned, the books and syllabus has not changed since I dont know when. The text books are being passes on from father to son, provided the father was unlike me and took good care of his books. The last 25years of Communist rule has lead the state, once a shining example of educators heaven, turned into a nightmare. With all unions being dominated by the ruling Communists, it just lost its direction. It failed to see anything that the southern states of India were doing. They transformed education in India. It was the ICSE which started experimenting. Never WBHSE.

Even if they wanted to study it they should have come out to a place like Bangalore not Calcutta. How the hell can anyone really come to Calcutta to study a system which is just hopeless. Wait a minute, I see that they are learning a lot here. The only problem is that they are learning "What not to do". US is saved again.


Anonymous said…
Very well written Saurabh... :)

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