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A chapter of my work life comes to a close

I dont know how but I somehow missed publishing this post in time, but better late than never I guess ;P I recently resigned from as Technical Architect after nearly 3 years of being with the team. I must give it my leadership there who proactively made sure I was relieved of my duties in a week once they realized I wont budge. Instead of me wasting endless 3 months, doing nothing but killing time, which many companies have, I was quickly transitioned out. I am sure not many folks have had this kind of experience yet in India. As a philosophy in my work life, I had decided a long time back that I wont resign in haste. But once I resign I wont take it back. This has been how I have been working for past 11 years. In fact I thought about moving out Near nearly 5 months back, but was not really sure about that. But the following months made my resolve stronger. Well I wont go into details why I really quit, because that gets boring :D . But what I would really want to recol