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My Adventures in buying a washing machine

I bought my first washing machine in 2008-09 while I was a bachelor. It was a very basic top load automatic one from Videocon. I have fond memories of using the machine as a single person living alone, setting it up at night with the delay-wash option. Before going to work, I would just hang the washed and partially dried clothes. Recently after years, its parts began to fail, mostly due to natural wear and tear. My trusted electrician refused to fix it anymore and asked me to buy a new one. Left with no choice but to look for one, I replaced it. RIP my dear Videocon, you did good while you were around. Researching and finding the "perfect" appliance online is a mess. Trust is a scarce resource and things get deprecated soon. So, basically, the model recommended is no more available in the market. I decided to go the old-school way and check with the local dealer. Among the available brands, I had decided that I would either get a Samsung or an LG one. So I went and checked t

40 things to do in my 40s

I recently turned 40 and this post was long due. I was trying to come up with what I want to do in the next decade and here are the 40 things I want to.  Do a sky dive Bring a product idea to reality Start a company Make a difference in at least one unknown/unrelated persons life Learn Esperanto Write a book  Go for a trek in the mountains Spend a night by the beach Build a crazy stupid social media only alter-ego which no one can link to me Make plans for the next 20 years Make our ancestral home in Bikaner back up to reasonable standards. Get myself a good electric bike which can take me atleast 100km without a fuss.  Watching planets had been a kids dream for, maybe this is going to be the decade that I do it. Take a class/session for college students and they should like it :)  Make myself debt free and family financially secure for the next 40 years Figure out a solution for a problem which ails the rural India and help improve their lives  Get my kids of figure out their strength