40 things to do in my 40s

I recently turned 40 and this post was long due. I was trying to come up with what I want to do in the next decade and here are the 40 things I want to. 
  1. Do a sky dive
  2. Bring a product idea to reality
  3. Start a company
  4. Make a difference in at least one unknown/unrelated persons life
  5. Learn Esperanto
  6. Write a book 
  7. Go for a trek in the mountains
  8. Spend a night by the beach
  9. Build a crazy stupid social media only alter-ego which no one can link to me
  10. Make plans for the next 20 years
  11. Make our ancestral home in Bikaner back up to reasonable standards.
  12. Get myself a good electric bike which can take me atleast 100km without a fuss. 
  13. Watching planets had been a kids dream for, maybe this is going to be the decade that I do it.
  14. Take a class/session for college students and they should like it :) 
  15. Make myself debt free and family financially secure for the next 40 years
  16. Figure out a solution for a problem which ails the rural India and help improve their lives 
  17. Get my kids of figure out their strengths and liking.
  18. Get my parents to visit another country.
  19. Visit Machu Picchu
  20. Visit one European country
  21. Visit one South American country
  22. Visit Australia/New Zealand
  23. Visit Lakshwadweep. 
  24. Visit J&K.
  25. Visit Ladakh
  26. Visit Punjab
  27. Visit Sikkim. 
  28. Visit Tripura. 
  29. Visit Nagaland. 
  30. Visit Mizoram. 
  31. Visit Manipur.
  32. Visit Daman & Diu. 
  33.  Learn to do things which is of zero value in the real world
  34.  Get my kids interested in software. (I know I am in tough luck zone here :)
  35.  Spend an hour a week to teach my kids other than usual academic stuff 
  36.  Spend a couple of hours a week thinking nothing and being aimless
  37.  Listen to atleast an hour of podcast a week.
  38.  Read a classic Sci-Fi novel a year
  39.  Keep Barcamp Bangalore running, so that I selfishly keep meeting awesome folks, learning interesting stuff and building a new perspective of things.
And finally the most importantly
40. Come out alive and kicking into my 50s

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