Wah re Bande 'Vande Matram'

A lot has been written and told. Many views have emerged and finally it was over. 7th of September came and went. The Congress wants to say that 'Ok man no probs. If you wish to sing then is good else whatever who cares'. And the counter view is from BJP -- 'Sing or loose ur right to be an Indian'. Then you have all those journalists asking every person in the street -- 'Hey man do u know how to sing Vande Matram ' or ' Do you know the meaning of this word or that one'.
Just too much of bullshit has been going on here now. It makes me feel confused. I was not able to realise what is right or what is wrong. But then enlightment came from an unknown source. It was "V for Vendetta". A movie, a cartoon but I guess one great thing about this movie was that it said was enough for me to realise the truth in this mess. Those words are

"Symbol by itself has no meaning, but with enough people it can change the world"

Really this national song was nothing but a symbol. A symbol in the 1900's a sign of revolt. And I beleive it was the masterly diplomatic skills of Mahatma Gandhi that he foresaw the power symbols have. All the acts of his were nothing more than symbol. And to make it efffective he did have something called people power. No doubt he brought revolution using this very idea.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh was bombed the parliament, but it was not that he wanted kill those Firangi bastards there. Infact it was supposed to be a symbol. But alas at that time he just did not have the right combination of symbol and people power.

In todays context I would say it hardly matters if we actually understand what each and every word of our national song means. Frankly speaking I hardly know it by heart. But whats more important is that my heart knows this song. Material data like when is was compose (in 1882) et al hardly matter as it is now more than song, it is a symbol of rebellion, a symbol of the fact that I love my country and would die for it. It says more than I bow/salute to you hey Mother India. Its a symbol of expression of affectiona nd love fr our country.

Its these petty politicians and a handful of fanatic clerics who have no other means of achieving popularity other than by making these kinds of irrational and intolerant statements. These include not just the left or the right it includes all. I just hope that the real people of India understand what it means actually and what our National Song stands for.


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