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There is possibly nothing better than blabbering without a cause. Thats something that earns millions for certain cos and individuals who would speak whatever they can in the heat of the moment. There will random blames on certain people about the cause of the blast, without realizing anything. They would blame anything and everyone about whatever that has happened. Some would consider themselves the messiah of all things. They will act Godly but duck at the first chance of a risk. The guy reporting the situation will photograph the dying instead of saving him. Later act as the Messenger of God. Is it that humans find success in misery. More often than not, the bigger the villian, the more powerful is the hero. Its misery of the situation which probably bring out the hero.

The smell of the flower in the morning and evening hours seem awesome but the same during afternoon seems different. I believe that its just our perception changes in those hours. Its highly unlikely that the flowers would stop giving fragrance in those hours. Same is with people and ideas. What seems right now may be unjust tomorrow. I am sure the Britisher's were having their heads high over their monarchy and their rule over all the colonies like India et al. But today, I am sure it seems gruesome to even those Britisher's. I have seen perception about a lot of things change with time.

Friends too change with time. Their priorities change. Their life changes. You are no more fit in their life. They branch away from you. Thats life. You never stick to one thing, change is the constant throughout. Thats an ironic statement but true. But then life itself is an irony. You start with a smash and end in an ash. The truth of life. But does it really matter what all is there in the middle. Something like a mango. Do hell with whatever is the skin and the rocky seed inside. Its the in between thing which actually matters.


I know, you must be wondering, what random crap is this guy writing, but then the blog title is self explanatory Happy


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