I as a blogger have affected someone and I am not sorry

Well I had written about the bloggers affecting other professionals. I can now very well add one more group of professionals to the list, the journalists. Yes thats another set of people who were the voice of the people, the fourth pillar of democracy are under serious threat. Had it not happened to me I would not have had got impression of that. Blogging is making the voice of the people heard directly without the the "censorship" by the so called responsible people. I had read something utterly rubbish written about life at my ex-Employer, Tata Elxsi. I just wrote my thoughts about it. Of course I would never trust Mid Day on any news, unless confirmed by some other sources. But this blog post by the journalist(I just realized its Priyadarshini Nandi who did that awesome job for Tata Elxsi), made me realize the power of blogging. Though I am not a supporter of flame blogs(This would be my first and last post with regard to this thing), I had to write this blog. Because its about truth.

Well after reading her article on Tata Elxsi, I believe she has just been there writing about the Page3 parties happening around for so long. If you do the same at any Page3 party probably you get a lot more blessings. I would say she is a sort of irresponsible journalist. Instead of contacting me or asking me for my opinion she wrote this.
This gentleman seems to be quite upset about what I'd written, claiming that all the FUN Tata Elxsi claims to be having is absolutely untrue. Of course, he didn't bother to take in to consideration that the information I got, could've just, by chance, have come from them. But that's alright, I am right now just amused that someone can feel so defeated by the fact that some people from his ex company had fun while he didn't! Maybe what Elxsi told me was made up too, but then again, isn't he out of the company already, why should he really care?
Well right why should I care. I dont belong to this planet earth. Well there are only these chairs and tables out there. I am out of this company, so is everyone else of this planet earth. Tata Elxsi has got people from Andromeda Galaxy. Those people have a different definition of fun. Anyways they do not read newspapers in English. Bullshit. I just gave my view as she gave hers. The comments on my post are sign that I am not the only one to have a similar view. But she chooses to ignore it completely. Sure she would have got information from them. But when you have people doing a sort of photo shoot for you, that should have had been ample indicator of the time when people at Tata Elxsi have fun. A personal attack is probably one the last ways of defending yourself and the last one also, especially if you are wrong. Next few lines
Yes, ladies, gentlemen and friends, don't read any news paper. Midday, TOI, Deccan, Hindu, HT, Telegraph, Business Standard or any other kind of paper for any kind of news. What's the point anyway? It's just a bunch of silly people trying to take you all for a ride isn't it. And it doesn't make you richer. It doesn't pay your rent. It doesn't put food on your table or make you look cooler in front of all the men and women you want to impress.
We're just out there to get you - to take you for a ride, because after much consideration we realised that we weren't pretty enough to be on screen, corrupt enough to be a politician or smart enough for any other profession...
Well you can pretend to be intelligent but not witty. Sure I dont know if anyone would trust someone knowing that the same person had backstabbed earlier. At least I would not. If a person back stabs someone else and I know of it. Well I can be assured that someday it will be me. I do not trust that person. I do not trust Mid Day anymore because of the same reason. But I still trust TOI, Deccan Herald, The Telegraph and the Statesman. I am not really a fan of other newspapers so would not comment on that. But if they report something that affects my life, sure they will get into my DO NOT READ/BELIEVE list. But I am amazed by the way she defended her lies. I am impressed. Mrs Priyadarshini Nandi is the next big icon of truth(really!!!! :-O ). Sure Mid Day has every right to lie about everything. I do not deny that. All I say is that those suckers are not worth trusting for facts. The reasons for me and many others are obvious. Heard of irresponsible journalism, this is the most perfect example. Heard of irresponsible and rash blogging, again we have Mrs Priyadarshini Nandi as the perfect example. So as I said it earlier, read Mid Day only for masala news. Never believe that you are reading the truth. That might just be a illusion. And my suggestion for Mrs Nandi is that she should sit at home and read write Mills and Boons or something similar and at night get to those Page3 parties and enjoy reporting those. Better not report anything in the media, provided its more for the fictitious stuff.

PS: Yes the last few comments is not right thing to do but whatever. Readers your comments will sure guide me right.

Update: Her new post clearly suggest that she is a mindless lady. Does not care to see where she is standing. I clearly see no point in responding to her. Seems like she has some underhand tactics to sell her blog, probably same what Mid Day does. No point replying to her. A single minded, sold out person will never try to see beyond. Just and answer to her question why people are there when they did not have fun. Well here is the 2year bond for freshers. Out of the 2000 odd employees around half of the employees are under the bond at any given time. So much so for the fun. After 2 years how many employees decide to stay back is a big question with no definite answers. And yes Tata Elxsi did have a role in me getting my dream job. But then thing which I reported as factually incorrect stand incorrect.

Finally a confession:


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