Indians infiltrate Pakistani Airspace -- Additional Ideas to implement

Well we had heard for long from different sources that Pakistani and Pakistan trained terrorists cross the Indian border and infiltrate to create a state of unrest. Also it was a common report that on occasions such as Indian Independence Day or Republic Day or India-Pakistan cricket match there used to cross border firing. But this time around there was something reverse happening. There were no such reports of firing across the border but there was infiltration of Pakistani air space by Indians. No it is not a bird, it is not a plane, it is a kite. With the Indians having the habit of celebrating Independence Day by flying kites. Inspite of Mrs Menaka Gandhi having strict reservations on it because it harms so many birds. But then who cares for BJP now days. Well it seems that Indian tricolour kites are among the many which are flown on the Independence day by thousands of Indians. Why thousands, simply because not all Indians fly kites. Now the point is what can be done with these kites. Ideas (sure you can put your own as comment always)
  1. Send love letter to the girl you are eying since you last saw her near the border.
  2. Send your yahoo chat id. and chat with the person later online.
  3. Send some money(Indian rupees) so that they can know whats the difference between real and counterfeit notes.
  4. Attach an envelope with boldly written on top, "Bomb Inside". Put Mallika Sherawats photo inside.
  5. A sweet poem on love and friendship written on the kite.
These are some of the ideas I have in mind. Please suggest some if you have some others in mind too.


Sohny said…
Bomb Inside!!!! LMAO

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