Open Coffee Club, Bangalore...What should we be doing

Last time around I had promised Ramjee about writing a post on Open Coffee Club and my thoughts on how to improve it. So here it is.

Well I feel that OCC is a good concept. I think there may be some other similar motived events happening in Bangalore itself. But surely many do not know about it. One thing could be we could coordinate with those people, if any.

Another thing is that if we are meeting fortnightly then its better we meet with a theme. Lets plan for whats going to be discussed at the meet. The interested audience would definitely be present there. Also it gives the member time to prepare themselves with ideas and questions before hand. This I think is also necessary considering we are going to meet a lot more often.

I loved the one to one discussions that we had as a group after the initial talks. Though they are fruitful but then a starter is required by means of the initial talk. I will give you the example that the introduction laid ground for further discussions at the last meet. I hope you guys will agree with me.

Meeting place as Brewhaha may not be attractive for the poeple there. I think we need to find a better place. I would suggest that if any of the member knows of some college which can provide us with space on a Sunday morning would be good. It would be better if the college is centrally located.

Hari had aid that 10am should be starting time. But I beg to differ. Its really difficult reach any place in bangalore that early on a Sunday morning. Its as good as rushing to office on a Sunday morning.

I really think OCC has got onto a good start thanks to Ramjee and Vaibhav.


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