Open Coffee Club, Bangalore....A good start

Well this was one event I was skeptical about. I thought may be 10 odd people will turn up. To add to it a few startup people, and probably a VC. But when I reached there, 30mins late, I saw there was a large group. 60 around, thats what Ramjee told me. Anyways after the introductions there was that useless debate on how to take it forward. So many people saying the same thing, in different words obviously. Instead of taking the current thing forward people got lost in future, not very different from what all startup guys look at.
Anyways the real fun started right after the event was over. People actually split into a number of groups. There was more of one to one interaction rather than a formal one. I think that was one of coolest thing out of the entire event. Well I did have interaction with a lot of people. Some of those really stuck out. One was muziboo by Prateek Dayal. I think its off to a good start. Probably he does not make mistakes that most startups do, not having a long term plan to sustain themselves. Also I met Venkat who was having a startup which focused on outsourced works from European countries. Interesting conversation I had with him. Probably in detail later. Mr. Harish from One big web was a pleasure to meet. Then there were Kalyan and Kunal who are starting yet another social networking site with a niche of their own. I found one thing in common, all were looking at web based technologies. I just see the visions of pre Y2K times. No real revenue models in place. Just a web based service started, probably waiting for some Big fish like Yahoo, Google or MSN to consume you up. Really no big dreams that can really compete with the Big Fishes of the Web.
I have some thoughts on what can be done to better OCC or rather my take on OCC. But since its too late today, I will probably do that tomorrow.

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Unknown said…
i like the part when you said lost in the details of future. valid concern!!
Do post your views on how to improve


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