Silly questions

It makes me worry sometimes looking at the kind of reporting that goes on in the media. I feel there are just too many junk heads around who do just the useless reporting. But then I feel that Scott Adam is just so right, everyone is an idiot depending on the situation. Each one of us just acts stupid at some point or the other. But still I always thought that there were a lot many checks in place for the media to not allow such useless comments to come out in the open.

Here is the latest by Indian Express.
They asked Mr Saurav 'Dada' Ganguly if they are going to win the series in England.
What is dada supposed to answer. Yeah the Englishmen are going to beat us our pants down( Yeah I cannot pull off my shirt) or The Indian team is lead by a loser who cannot butter his bread or Dawood paid us Rs 100000000000000000000000000000000 to loose. Bullshit. Hopeless

Other known examples.
  • A man has just survived a building that fell on him but left his near and dear ones dead. And the media asks, " How do you feel about it". What should the man do, Kill that reporter then and there?
  • Media asks an election candidate "Are you going to win". Expected replies
    • Not I am just there to see myself loose.
    • Win, No way I am the biggest looser around
    • Yeah I gave away Rs1000000000000 for campaign to loose. No way I am going to win.
  • A 'Mis' Universe contestant is asked "What are you doing to do after getting the Miss Universe crown?". Expected answers
    • I am going to become like Mother Teresa and denounce all the wealth that the contest is going to give me. I will live the life of a saint and work towards worlds well being. Thats the reason I got into this contest, obviously otherwise I could not have done any good work.
    • Yeah after I win this contest, I will get loads of moolah and will live the life of luxury. Not counting endless modeling assingments for obscene amount of money and if I am lucky a role in a movie or tele series.
  • A captain who just lost a series. "What do you have to say about it"
    • Well I took a big moolah from the betting syndicate to loose the series
    • You know I am not feeling well.
    • It was revenge on the board member who insulted me by comparing XYZ with me.
    • Me and my team are hopeless players of the game.
I wonder what is the sense in asking such questions when the results are pretty much obvious to a blind man too :-)


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