We now know for whom the muslims round the world prayed

When I heard Pakistani Skipper Shohaib Mallik tell in the presentation ceremony that he was thankful to all the muslims around the world who had supported him I really felt surprised. But then the humor in me came alive and some interesting thoughts hit me.

So I tell you about possibility number 1. It so happened that muslims around the world did not pray for Pakistan. It actually happened that most of the muslims in India were supporting the home team. So keeping in mind the majority, Allaha decided that India should win. So Mr Shohab Mallik's only hope went for a toss.

Another possibility is that the muslim's Shohaib Mallik was counting on certain muslims who were actually busy praying for success in suicide attacks on innocent civilians so that in turn they would get 70 odd virgins in heaven. In the end Shohaib Mallik had no one praying for him.

Another reason could be that since the muslims prayed that may the may the muslims take the cup. And God looking at Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan (probably he considers them to be the more muslim) decided that they should be happy. He helped Irfan Pathan get all the crucial wickets and runs so that he could be awarded the Man of the Match. No wonder India won.

Interestingly either of the two things can be true. Most muslims do not pray for Pakistan and instead consider India to be their real representative or Allah does not like Pakistanis. Whichever be the real scenario one thing is true Pakistani skipper is living in a dreamland and so are the big heads of Pakistan.


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