Ram Ram....Yeah kya hai

WTF...thats what I said when I heard this http://www.ibnlive.com/news/govt-says-no-proof-ram-existed-vhp-seethes/48547-3.html. Amazing thing. Ram never existed. But dude how can we prove that we prove that Ram never existed. How can you prove that somebody some hundred thousand years ago existed. I cannot see your brains does that mean anything. I really cant say that. Its just an open question, a question of faith. And a country like India which is not secular. Yes its not secular because here's what Google returns from define:secular. I would say India is more of multi-religious. You need to respect the peoples sentiments and if there is mythology associated with any of the places you need to respect them. Now that Govenment is reviewing and calling back its affidavit I feel we need to rething what should be done in this non-secular multi religious India.

But the blogospheres reaction was interesting. Some of them are here

Did Lord Rama Exist?

yet another goof up in the name of religion

A “Babri Masjid” by Congress

Space photos no proof of Ram Setu: NASA

Rama Rama


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