Those 8 questions

I read this book called Religious Wars by Scott Adams. It was a rather interesting take on the current world situation. The usual humor writer whom we associate with Dilbert has now given a rather different view. Seems like he has grown old finally {Big Grin}. He posed the following questions.

1. If you suspected you were deluded, how could you find
out for sure?
2. Are humans the product of a skilled or an unskilled
3. Would an omnipotent being need to think in the way that
people understand it? Or is thinking unnecessary for a
timeless, indestructible being whose preferences are the
same as reality?
4. Why would God be so unclear about what book or books
he authored?
5. Is consciousness anything more than a continual process of
imagining, acting, observing the impact of the action, and
imagining again with new information?
6. The dictionary defines "faith" as belief without evidence. It
defines "stupidity" as unreasoned thinking. Is belief without
evidence a form of unreasoned thinking?
7. Can the impact of your actions rippling into the future be
considered an immortal soul?
8. Could atheists and believers accept the same definition of

I would like to answer each one of those in coming post. By that time you guys can ponder over it.


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