Those 8 Questions - Question 3

Would an omnipotent being need to think in the way that
people understand it? Or is thinking unnecessary for a
timeless, indestructible being whose preferences are the
same as reality?

If we say that its true then God is just another human. Well personification of God is there in almost all religions of the world. In a sense we actually reduce the complexity of being God just enough so that we can make some sense out of Him. But then the big question still there is that is reason for human life a conscious effort or is it merely a coincidence of right things being there at the right places. Its really interesting to think about possibilities and not concretely prove anything. Thats the thing that many people around the world, not just in India, are exploiting to make people believe that they have the sole ownership on the right way of life and God is with them. But then my next question is that, if God is with you then why are you still suffering and why you still need more money and people to join you. You would probably be happy and enjoying knowing why you are there in this world in the first place.

Now if I assume that God is the creator of this world then we would probably be some sort of an experiment. He would be watching over us and checking out what we are upto. Now does he need to think. Bloody hell if he wants to consciously create something. then obviously he would have to do some thinking. So my conclusion is that either we are not a creation of conscious mind or God does not think. You can assume anything, but both cannot take place the same time.


PS: This continues as a series of questions posed as explained here.

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