Those 8 Questions - Question 5

Is consciousness anything more than a continual process of
imagining, acting, observing the impact of the action, and
imagining again with new information?

The above statement to anyone would seem like the most correct at first glance. It would seem the most rational statement. But consciousness is being able to obverse whatever is happening around. Thats all. A person who is kind of disabled is also conscious. He knows what is happening around. He would do nothing but be conscious none the less. Funnily any person lost in his ego does the some action but can you really call him conscious. Well actually not because he is lost in his own parallel reality. By the time the ego starts taking the backstage, he would rather want to see his parallel world than the real world. So what is consciousness? I believe consciousness does not involve the step of imagining or acting. Its just observing is consciousness. If you can feel and understand the situation then its enough for consciousness. Rest how you are guided to do all is all about conscience. But am I contradicting the example of the egoistic guy,  after all he still observes things. But he does not observe the reality, he realizes them in his own reality. So apparently there is no contradiction. A very tricky thing to talk about. So whats your opinion?

PS: This continues as a series of questions posed as explained here.

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