Theory of Success and Productivity!!!!

I today got this amazing story to read from the master of 'office humor', Scott Adams. Usually he would write the stuff in a very discrete and sarcastic way. But today he missed the bigger point.

So here is that point for u. There are two ingeniously stupid researchers who have come up with something interesting. This actually is worth the igNobel or "No Balls" if not the Nobel Prize.

Research 1 says that Happiness = success.

Research 2 says that Sadness = productivity.

Now if I say that both researchers are earnestly true then I can form some real good mathematical equations.

Sadness = No Happiness.

Since Happiness = success, Sadness = No success.

Hmmm now is the fun, as Sadness = Productivity , we can say that,

Productivity = No Success

Now effectively,

No Productivity = Success.

This clearly proves that harder you work, less successful you would be and your appraisal will reflect that. So for more success work less. If you have worked hard then don't crib about your appraisal, your don't deserve a better appraisal. You must be left unhappy so that your productivity does not get hampered.

Cry Lord Cry!!! Either this world is like Negro's left cheek(thats neither fair nor right) or one(or both) of these researchers had a serious attack of stupidity while conducting their research. I don't know. What's your say on it.


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