If you suspected you were deluded, how could you find out for sure? : Those 8 questions answered

So the big questions is how would you find out if you were deluded. I tried to solve this problem in the same way as I do with my computer science problem. Relate to the problem in a different manner. Try and imagine that same problem in a different perspective. So in this case I replace a delude self with a blind man. Now if one fine day due to some neurological miracle he begins to see. But the catch is that what he is seeing is imaginary most of the time. Now this guy will never be able to find out what is that he is watching is not imaginary. The way out, is that he can ask someone else about the correctness of the situation. But what is the other person too is having a kind of hallucination. And if there is too much of faith involved then the logic and truth are doomed for life. Ultimate solution could be testing the facts for truth yourself. Now take for example there is a magical act. How do you test for truthfulness. Well only tools that you have are openness of your mind and the right knowledge. Sure some people are good at bluffing about their supernatural abilities and there are some people who are good at catching it too. So knowledge, logic and reasoning are the only way to get out of delusion.


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