Life Tips or just plain farce

I was watching an amazing show on MTV. It was filled with true sarcasm by VJ Cyrus,the Virus. He had those seemingly genuine disgust against the 'Life Tips' show called 'Love Bites'. Seriously what are those shows for. They tell you what to wear, what to eat and what to talk. Bloody hell, where is the real you. You want some idiot to fall in love with someone else. Or should I say that all people will fall in love with the person with same kind of personality. Yeah really I would have never discovered how to date and how to fall in love, rather make someone fall in love with me. I admit that I do not command any experience on the subject, (I am still happy) but all this seems farce to me. You would actually be believing that one size fits all. Please give me a break. I wonder if there is any blog which is actually into this stuff(It being there wont surprise me, though being other way round would). Anyways I would seriously like to consider the qualification of the so called Gurus. But then there is no dearth of these sorts of Gurus, you can pick any of the so called lifestyle and learn about all the best of styles. But serious question is, where does individual taste and style go. Any answers readers.


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