Orkut's Indian Connection

Indians are heavily influencing orkut. Well it should have been with so many Indian just hooked onto Orkut and so many developers coming out of India every year. I am sure google too recruits them like many other software giants. Well a proof of that was uncovered to me a few days ago when I tried to get the location of the thumbnails in the friends update. It was something like


I just managed to notice the word 'chhota'. Now thats a nice desi way to say, thumbnails. No wonder orkut is getting feature laden each day. Not because the developers are Indians, but this small thing shows the passion they are carrying while developing this amazing social network. I truly believe that this kind of passion is what makes things go beyond the ordinary.


Anonymous said…
amazing observation guru! iske alawa bas ek hi reference mila upon a search
100rabh™ said…
I would say it was a mere stroke of luck

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