Who is a terrorist ?

Mr. Narendra Modi has asked a very valid question. I wonder how come no one ever asked it for so long. What is the future for Mr Afzal Guru. I get a feeling that this Congress government is waiting for another hijacking to happen and it is able to release Mr Afzal 'Inncocent' Guru. Why the heck is government taking the killing of brave Indian Jawans lite. I feel they are more concerned with getting the votes banks right than doing right thing.

I dont feel anything wrong with the fact that Mr Modi is trying to talk the right stuff, to counter the acid attack on him carried out with the worst kind of degratory words rather than certain actions which were aught to be taken by the Congress Government in power. But I seriously doubt that taking sides on the terrorist(Making assumptions based on all info available to me). Its like you want to make the supporter of Dawood Ibrahim, the Prime Minister of India. People seem to have forgotten what Sanjay Dutt must have had received. He is no innocent, he is no follower of Gandhi, he is no Munna. He is a supporter of terrorists and has helped them not once but several times even after being arrested under TADA. He perhaps deserves a much more severe punishment than what he is getting. But thanks to Congress probably he would never get it. Now is a supporter of terrorist better or worse than a terrorist.

There are people who dont even want to look at the right side. The worst part is they are siding with Sanjay Dutt. Supporters of his are equal to the Al-Qaeda supporters. So are the supporters of Afzal Guru. I really dont know what the heck is the Congress Government waiting for.

But then again the truth be told that Mr. Narendra Modi is no saint. If he tries to justify the killing of Sohrabuddin, then he is wrong. He just fails to see the death and possibly rape of several other innocent in the name of encounters. To promote or justify it as well an unforgivable offence. But then the name calling being done in Gujrat is all started by the shameless Sonia Gandhi. All these words are great political rhetoric. Indian elections are never won by making yourself bigger( You know what happened when BJP tried in the last Loksabha Elections), its always on pointing fingers at others. Yeah if you ask anyone, what should be done who harms Indians, well the answer is obvious. Kill him. They being muslims cannot be reason to discount them. If they did it, they must pay for it.

Both Mr Narendra Modi and Sonia Gandhi are being equals in promoting injustice. Are not these two as much terrorists as the Afzal and Sohrabuddin? You believe Mr Modi is a saint??? Read here .


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