17 December 2008

They came, they saw, they shot and what do we do now???

Well they came by sea and this has been confirmed by Govt. of India. They killed 100s and I strongly believe that the number given by Govt of Indiais highly deflated one. Great bloggers like Nitin Pai and GreatBong have written at lengths about this carnage(I am sorry for those who call it tragedy). It was nothing more that cold blooded massacre of people in India. The suggestion and thoughts by both these bloggers have been bang on target. But then, this stupid Congress government is not expected to be able to achieve anything.

So here are my suggestions(well when everyone has one, why should I not chip in)

There are three ways to deal with the situation.

1. Pseudo-Gandhian way -- Take out rally and protest creating havoc for the people who are already suffering at the hands of the government. The candle lights protest as well as going at lengths of giving memorandum to the political brasses all fall in this category. I hail from the city known of late more for protests than anything else and I strongly believe that this hardly rings bells for anything good. Its the tool of the political opportunists. This is definitely going to be the favored mode of protest for most people. A fine example is of a person who was searching for media contact after a gruesome rape of his/her friend's maid.

2. Gandhigiri way -- These guys will follow something like this, send a bouquet and a condolence  card to Mr Rahul Gandhi, regretting the death of her mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi during the terror attack. Probably if sent in millions it will open the eyes of the Congress loyalists who only care about money and Gandhi family.

3. Gandhi way -- What Mahatma Gandhi would have had done probably is that he would have had marched with all his followers to the terror camps and the LeT offices. Next thing to be done would be to ask them to kill them right away, if he had guts.

I dont know what to do frankly. But if I am sure of anything, its that the Pseudo Gandhi way is not the way forward. There has to be another way to wake up this sleeping government. I am not sure which of the Indian would be able to rise up to the challenge and come up with the perfect answer.

BTW I am still pondering over any kind of fatwa being issued in this regard.

End of all rants about 26/11

28 October 2008

Happy Diwali all


Wish all a very Happy Diwali.


This is my desperate attempt to find time to write a post this Oct Whew

30 September 2008

Defeat of truth in a Democracy

Well Nanavati Commision Report is out and there it goes, as expected proving innocence of Narendra Modi and validating the BJP stand. And as expected, all the hue and cry from Congress. Well it was a similar scene, with only the roles changed when Banerjee Report came. Similar hue and cry. I wonder if they talk sense and prove things instead of making empty noises. No I am not trying to support any one, but fact is that truth has died thanks to all the politics around the death of so many. I find it even more weird that most journalists never fail to mention that more than a thousand people died and most minority(it seems like only minority in India are the muslims. I wonder where do Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians go. I dont know where the fault lies. I dont know if these reports actually did any kind of study. I dont know if any of these reports did some scientific research and tests. I dont know if all these reports were written as any Sci-Fi writer does with all the research in his mind and loop holes in the hindsight brushed out as impossible scenarios. All I know is that we would never be able to know the truth. Probably this is one of the perils of power in anyone's hand, be it democracy, communists or autocratic regimes. Truth as in most cases is the victim and its dead.

19 September 2008

Super Time at Barcamp Bangalore 7

Barcamp Bangalore is one of those events which I just wait for. Its a time when I rejuvenate my thought process which is drained thanks to the often hectic work at office. Also this is one place where geeks can feel at home and talk about anything under the sun. Its pretty cool that its not just Tech thats discussed but also other topics close to us, like politics and life.

Like most times, the paper wiki was filled completely as soon as it was put up. I actually saw a few people going disappointed with not being able to put up their talk. And like most other times, it started with the intro session for the first timers. This time it was Pradeep BV taking charge and explaining it to the first timers, what barcamp is all about. After that it was realized that one of the four rooms were actually not available for Barcampers.

Anyways another great thing that happened was that an Impromptu Sessions paper wiki was put up. Amazingly it too was filled in a matter of minutes, it was put up. It was really amazing to see that we had too many people all set to give sessions.

For me it started with the session on Concept Search by two people from Core Objects. It was pretty interesting to see it. If I get the link to it I would definitely post it. But then they actually nearly ripped apart the Google's search strategy.

Next it was Jayanth and Ashim from Stoke. Ashim talked about 4G technologies and how they are growing and what to expect from the future. Jayanth told about some device they had made at Stoke. Amazing, this thing is happening right here in Bangalore.

At the same time it was session by the Beagle Board guys who were demoing the board to the junta at BCB7. Something interesting but could not help it, it happens all the time at BCB.

Next session was by Mr Dorai Thodla on Tracking Technology Trends. It was nifty little presentation. Some very interesting sites and stats mentioned to track trends in technology. more over here http://dorai.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/bcb7-presentation-on-technology-trends/

It was lunch and we headed for the cafeteria. Decent lunch with a random conversation with a bunch of friends I had found at BCB. Vinayak reminded me of BCB6 when during lunch we had an interesting conversation over why Google is cool with all the data it has of mine. It was around that time that Biking guys demoed their gears with some real costly cycles(bikes for some).

The next session that I attended was by Ujj. This was a cool session(better known as discussion in BCB Circles) where we talked about how to manage your personal project with the hectic day jobs. Interesting thoughts there.

I took a session(read discussion) on ELearning. I got Pradeep BV to share his thoughts on how Elearning is shaping up in India. He talked from his experience with  VTU's EduSat program and other initiatives in Karnataka. Then we had the entire junta just wanting to talk about their experience. The basic idea of this session was to come up with whats happening currently in the ELearning scene and what it lacks. What lacks is something which will shape up the future for sure. Some interesting point which came up were

1. It should be interactive

2. It should be fun

3. Collaboration on content and between users is the key

4. Ease of creation of content is important

5. Synchronous feedback is important but then it limits. Some alternative solution is required.

I had to leave the session in there as a few others were all ready to give their session on Economies of Internet. It was taken by two guys(I am sorry I dont remember the names Sad, help me please). It was a rather interesting take on how the big telecom companies are crushing the internet by not investing enough in the middle mile. They just sit there and make loads of money just by the virtue of being big monoliths. I wonder if technology of the GenNext would be able to break it.

That was pretty much it, when BCB7 day1 closed for me. I had a nice time there attending all these sessions. What happened on Day2, calls for another post, hopefully tomorrow of by the end of this week Happy

12 September 2008

Barcamp Bangalore 7 is here again

Barcamp Bangalore 7 is here again. Because of the crazy times at work, I have not updated by blog for a long time. I dont know if I will be able to do it in the next few weeks also. But I wish I could. One thing is for sure that I am going to Barcamp and it will be a good time. Startup Saturday is happening at the same place and the same time. Its the very same ppl who were organising Barcamp Bangalore who are behind it. I am still wondering what made them move to a conference like event rather than an unconference. Anyways its for me to find out in the next few days.

I am looking forward to a session by @mataal on Process vs Thread. Another one if by Ujjwal on how to chase your dream project while keeping your day job. I am sure a few more interesting things will pop up, as always. Anyways I am also leading a discussion on ELearning and what it hold for us in the future. I hope that I will have some interesting people to talk over it.

15 August 2008

Thoughts for Independence Day

I talked about independence Day last year and what freedom meant for me here


Obviously my thoughts haven't changed much. So for independence day I have made a collection of quotes on freedom and independence by 

Freedom is not given - it is taken.
                                   - Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

It is our duty to pay for our liberty with our own blood. The freedom that we shall win through our sacrifice and exertions, we shall be able to preserve with our own strength.
                                   - Netaji Subash Chandra Bose

"No one would die of starvation in independent India. Its grain would not be exported. Cloth would not be imported by it. Its leaders would neither use a foreign language nor rule from a remote place 7,000 feet above sea level. Its military expenditure would not be heavy. Its army would not subjugate its own people or other lands. Its best-paid officials would not earn a great deal more than its lowest-paid servants. And finding justice in it would be neither costly nor difficult."
                                   - Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

We have achieved political freedom but our revolution is not yet complete and is still in progress, for political freedom without the assurance of the right to live and to pursue happiness, which economic progress alone can bring, can never satisfy a people
                                   - Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

The whole world yearns after freedom, yet each creature is in love with his chains; this is the first paradox and inextricable knot of our nature.
                                   - Sri Aurobindo

Political and social justice requires, not the disintegration of a country and destruction or humiliation of a class which shows initiative, intelligence and drive, but equality of opportunity for all, genuine freedom for self-fulfilment, in which all men irrespective of caste or creed may share.
                                   - Syama Prasad Mookerjee

Freedom is Power, and with great power comes greater responsibility
                                   - Saurabh Minni

12 August 2008

DCamp Bangalore rocked again(part 2)

Contd from here

(I am sorry but I am really drowning in work right now Sad)

Ok after lunch it was time for another round of sessions. This time there were supposed to be some parallel session. This meant you win some, you loose some. But its fine with barcamps.

To make sure people are awake, alive and kicking, Anil, COO, Aditi Technologies, dumped his usual upper level management fundas and let loose a volley of Shayaris, with a twist. I sorry I dont recall any(Ya its been a long time too Happy)

Next in line was Aashish Solanki a.k.a. Net Bramha with an interesting topic, Art and Science of Web Design. It was more of discussion. Some interesting points were

  • Differentiate between structure and skin.
  • Something which is good for you might not be good for others. Getting their requirements is important.

An interesting comment from Aashish was "IE is the Labour Pain of Web Development". Why well, most of you time goes in checking if the page is rendered properly on IE 5.5, IE6 and IE7.

At the same time there was another talk of Google Applications on iPhone going on, which I did not attend. One reason being, I am no big fan of iPhone Blushing.

Next one was on Paper2.0 by Deepak Srinivasan(Beware its an IE only link). He had some interesting thoughts on what the next generation of paper should be like. I guess you can hit the link to read more. He has given it in a very interesting manner.

Murli next gave a talk on Memetic Engineering. I did not understand much of it and decided to move to the other talk which was going on, "Agile Designing" by Gilberto. It was interesting to see how Agile principles can be applied to Designing as well. I now believe that Agile processes can be used for almost every kind of development.

Next we had presentations from the DCamp Challenge finalists. It was interesting to see so many innovative ideas to save electricity being floated around. Most of them were restrictive but there was one team(I am sorry I dont remember the names) who had some amazing ideas to save energy without restrictions. I loved their idea of using speed breakers on the road to generate electricity. I am not sure if its feasible idea but none the less an interesting one.

Next Umesh Gopinath, talked about Mobile Web Experience. It was an interesting talk for me. He was very clear that Mobile web just cannot be the stripped down version of the classic web. Very true. Also most devices have limited memory and power so rendering  can be an issue. Also since phone is such a personal object, we can give a lot more personalised service than on a desktop. Which can be used innovatively. An example that he gave was that you could ask user to share link via SMS. This is something to be explored yet. I am yet get to know if he has uploaded his presentations somewhere. If I do get to know, I will surely update the links here.

Then we had the Sunny from Aditi Technologies giving a talk on how User Experience can be made better for anyone. He showed several examples like search results which have screenshots of the websites rather than some lines containing your keywords. He talked about how Citibank et.al. dont worry about customers experience or giving a better Web2.0 feel for the website. So showed some sites that they at Aditi had done. But then he made a mistake. He said that companies SAP and Oracle dont care about UX. They get UX guys near the end of the development cycle and at that moment, obviously the poor UX guy can do nothing much other than putting some paint. He actually said an interesting line, "You cannot put lipstick on a gorilla". Obviously any kind of painting is not going to ease of use of any application. A gentleman reacted sharply to it. He tried to justify the hopeless interfaces with 40+ entry boxes. Anyways things were cooled down and he continues to talk about how Aditi Technologies was making a difference.

Overall a great time there and some really good talk to learn from. Thanks Amit for organizing DCamp


If you have links to any of the presentations, please share in the comments or mail me Happy

28 July 2008

DCamp Bangalore rocked again(part 1)

It was time again DCamp or Design Camp Bangalore.  Amit Pande, Sarit, Muthu, Anil Gupta among others worked hard to get this event going. I must tell you that I had an awesome time there. The presentations there were truly awesome. Let give a short summary of the things as they happened at the DCamp, though Vinodhn already has kind of everything on twitter. So heres how the event unfolded for me.

I happily landed and Mekhri Circle expecting Aditi's office to be close by. So I begin walking from there towards Cauvery Circle. Cool I was looking for directions and I see someone looking at me from an auto. Oh ok I recognize this guy, hmmm....ok he is Gilberto from Thoughworks. Fine he is going to DCamp but is lost and does not know where is it happening. Ok fine I said, let walk to towards the Aditi Office and let so we walk. A few meters down the road, there is Muthu and Sudhindra at the gate of Aditi. So next thing we do is register and head for the terrace where the event was happening. Amit Pande was really busy managing everything there. And the talks were being put on the whiteboard.

So around 10:30 Amit Pande started with his talk. It had a pretty interesting title, UX and Design Inspirations from Science Fictions. Well he did have some interesting points to make. If you think of it then, Arthur C. Clarke, did mention or rather design certain things which at that time were mere fantasy. Then he showed certain examples from movies such as XMen(The virtual 3D map of a certain location), The Matrix(The direct human interface, the phone and several others actually), Minority Report(The awesome mechanism for dealing with so much information and the amazing auto updating newspaper) and Total Recall(The robotic driver and the 3D holographic trainer). Basically he wanted to show that Design is very much like speculative fiction.

Next was Param. He had done some research into Storage Space usage by Automobile users.Some interesting things that he told were

  • Some women keep an extra pair of clothes
  • people dont use ash tray in cars
  • Cup holders too are not used
  • people try to protect their car interiors using every possible means
  • Boot is often used for CNG kit

It was astonishing that Italian designers with little or no knowledge of Indian conditions and attitudes design cars for India. Amazing. the bigger problem is that India has way too many Indias in it. So difficult to understand them fully or satisfy each one of them fully is impossible.

Next there was this talk on how Welingkars Institute, Mumbai is bringing design in management. I did not attend it. Rather I had a nice time talking to folks about how Second Life is destroyed by spam and pr0n. How that wonderful technology still has a lot to do with improving the UX in it.

Then there was this DCamp Challenge, where in teams were formed and we were to come up with ideas on how to optimize the electricity usage in households. We all got together and tried to come up with best of ideas. What we had come up with was the fact that many appliances consume electricity even after they are done with being used. So some sort of smart device should there to automatically cut off electricity.

And it was 1pm and lunch was ready to be served. Let me tell you that it was really awesome. I had a nice time talking to Muthu and Ashish about how Firefox addons were making life simpler. We could do so many things with it.

Well there is a lot more...and will be posting about it more in my next post. Am really tired right now so keep watching this space Happy


Update:  Continues here http://the100rabh.blogspot.com/2008/08/dcamp-bangalore-rocked-againpart-2.html

19 July 2008

Things I would like in my next Browser upgrade

Well there has been a lot hoola hoo over the recent releases of Firefox and Opera. But here are certain things that still suck and would like them to be removed.

1. Better plugins and make them such that they dont hang that tab or window.

2. Download accelerator be integrated in the download manager of the browser itself. Hardly makes sense keeping them dumb.

3. Super fast start is not possible for various technical reasons but a preloader program would definitely be kind of must have.

4. Get more screen real estate to the page and make rest of the things like toolbar, menubar and optionally even status bar visible on a need basis like the playbar in video players in full screen mode.

5. Subscribing to an RSS feed to Google Reader or iGoogle is  a dumb two step process now. Google Reader or iGoogle be made two different options.

6. Tabs must have a 3D effect or something really cool. Switching like pages is so yesterday.

7. Make download dialog unobtrusive. Make it something like the "Remember Password" dialog in Firefox

8. With so much of flash everywhere, instead of having Flash as a plugin, put that into the browser render like JavaScript. Probably that will improve responsiveness.

9. A whitelist for all generally used financial sites. An unobtrusive signal to the user when he goes to a whitelisted site. Multiple sources for whitelist so that bringing one down does not work out well. Obviously an option to add new to your own is definite yes yes.

10. Finally last but not the least...can someone design better icons and theme for Firefox on WinXP. I am feeling a little too bored with whatever is there currently

10 July 2008

Indian broadband users at risk

Wow this was something I did not expect. But this surely did hit me hard the first time I got through it. It seems like I could access most Airtel Broadband users routers using simple telnet. Once I was connected, all that was required was username and password. Boy and I am in. I have access to the router now and I sure can do a lot of crazy stuff with it.

Wait a minute, did I say you need username and password. How would I get the username and password. Well actually not very difficult. Is it. No one ever changes the username and password of their router. Actually no one expects anyone to be able to access the router without their knowledge. But the sad fact is, anyone on the internet can access their router. Most people do not even realize that their internet connection can be easily compromised. How? Well simple steps to follow

1. Press Window Key + R  to open the Run Command Dialog

2. Press cmd (Enter)

3. Enter 'telnet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'

Where 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' is the IP Address of someone from Airtel Broadband. Trust me, its not difficult to get the IP of any/random airtel user.

4. Now you would have to enter Username. Thankfully its 'admin' to just enter it and now the tough part, the password. But whats the password. Well password is 'password'. Well literally.

5. One you are through with it. You can enter 'sh' at the prompt. Now to have a simple Linux shell available to you. Now you can do a hell lot of things, which I leave to your imagination.

I blame no one but Airtel for this fiasco. Its their responsibility that when they install a connection for a subscriber, they should change the password. But first of all, a WAN side access to telnet should never be allowed in the first place. I am very sure that most people have no idea about it. Time awareness spread.

Well Airtel may not be the only one, infact I believe all broadband users are equally at risk. Though I could not get through Tata Indicom or BSNL connections, I am sure they too are equally susceptible.

I am going to the Security Camp happening in Bangalore this Saturday 12 July, 2008. Hopefully I will meet some people who will carry this message forward and generate enough awareness to make people secure.


PS: Please write about it in your blog too. If you dont have a blog, the least you can do is Digg it.

04 July 2008

Some third grade news by Hindi News channels

I some time ago wrote about the amazing news stories covered by some Indian news channels. Now there is this amazing channel called IndiaTV, which will put any Indian to shame. An awesome story that it was running of late. I think a picture is worth a thousand words. So..


image001 image002











02 July 2008

iPhone or Openmoko

Well as I had been following mobile phones. What I have found is that actually there are just two worthy competitors. Rest are just like that. One is iPhone and other is Openmoko. Well iPhone because it has the glory. It has the backing of Apple and support of Steve Jobs behind it. But there is none of that sort for Openmoko. But it has the guts. Its has probably what it takes to make a real revolution. Just making a phone with a bigger screen and touch sensitive does not make revolutions happen Mr Jobs. The best part of the Openmoko phone is that its open. And surprising its priced at $399 and in India its around Rs 20k. Not bad for the phone which has Assisted GPS, WiFi, touch screen, bluetooth, microSD Card support and powerful 500Mhz Processor. To top it all, a user replaceable battery. 

Well the only blemish that I am able to spot is the internal memory. Its a mere 256 MB. Though I can carry all the data in my SDCard but then its not the most convenient way to do things.

Anyways with its killer price(Unlock iPhone reportedly costs $599) it sure makes people think. With no restrictions, I can run apps to my hearts content. I am sure of some amazing applications coming for Openmoko, just because its so much more  developer friendly. No contracts, no iTunes, just fun. I am sure if Apple could, it would have allowed software downloads only through iTunes. Infact I feel very soon it will be a reality for snobby rich Apple fanatics.

In the end it will the people power which will rule. The flexibility is what is going to make a killer app and  mobiles are yet to witness them. And for geeks like me its cooler to have developer friendly phone.

30 June 2008

The Retirement fund

I saw this amazing headlines from Economic Times, 70% Indians worry about outliving retirement funds. Well my first reaction was "Oh my God"Worried. Most Indians would be unable to sustain themselves once they have retired. More likely they would kill themselves or die of hunger or may need government support. But then I read the fine print there. Well its a survey by MetLife. They sure do see a big market with 70% Indians not having retirement funds. But then another truth is that 50% Indians do not have funds for the next month too. Most of them survive on a daily basis. Mind it survive not live. Then again there is still a large majority who do not invest in retirement funds.

Well that reminds me of people like my dad. He has no retirement funds. But then he does not need it either, just like my grand father. He did not need it. My dad is there after all to support him since he has retired long time back. Obviously same applies to my dad of course.

The truth also is that you invest for your life. Infact what I believe is that one should never plan to retire. Thats the most scariest thought. I know that the cost of retiring and other fundas like that. But frankly those are for loosers and ofcourse the companies marketing these Insurance plans and likes.

Will the media please refrain from giving news with such misleading and misguiding news. These work well in scaring the people and add no value to their newspaper. A paper like Economic Times is expected to add value and not filth. Is the media listening?

27 June 2008

Top reasons why Tata Elxsi should be blacklisted

Well that a provoking first line, but then thats exactly what I have to say about this company. Tata Elxsi should be blacklisted, but wait a minute by whom? Well the software developers fraternity. Its a blood sucking corporation which is right documented in the documentary The Corporation. Ok why am I telling this after almost one year of leaving it. Well when the fact is that I have nothing to do with it. I have already let out my personal experience here, here and here. Well it was not just me as its obvious from the comments but then it was general feeling of my friends there. Well all I can talk about is friends because I dont know how each and every employee of Tata Elxsi felt. Anyways heres one more story about the kind of harassment and employee of Tata Elxsi might have to suffer. Though I had read it earlier but am blogging now about solely because I wanted to confirm the news being true. And sadly it is true. An employee was indeed made to resign. And indeed its legally correct. but the only thing is that the Tata Values and legendry stories of employee oriented Tata's seem to be like Unicorns. You would here great legends about them and obviously never see them. All that employee oriented Tata culture surely now seems like a gas bag to me. Here are some of the prior, confirmed and known to me reasons.

1. They had something called BPI, Biscuit Packet Incentive for some and Business Performance Incentive for others. What most people got was under 20% of it. Wow great way to show higher CTC.
2. HRs make mistake and employees pay extra income tax. When you talk to them, all you get is, well it happens sometimes. More importantly, this came from one of the top level HR.Sometimes I wish developers could say that the job cannot be done, it happens sometimes.
3. No respect to freshers. This company will actually throw a fresher in manner it deems right. It doesnt matter if you are an EC graduate or CS. I have seen CS Grads doing verilog and VHDL coding , while EC guys are busy writing HTML and JavaScripts. It just does not matter.
4. In more ways than one its one of the classic examples of Dilbert Corporations, where you have the Catbert HR, Pointy-Haired Boss and several similar characters.
5. All of a sudden last winter it asked some of its employees to leave. No wonder all those who did not perform well at making their managers happy or cribbed about being thrown around were the ones walking with pink slips. Never mind because these were the ones who are now have a better life, work and pay too. Infact it so happens that one of my friend is earning more than the snobby lead he was working with. Somehow I never heard that any of the non-performer was fired. They are still there

If you still need more reasons, the boy you must join this company to find others like you there. Have fun, Tata.

15 June 2008

Creamy layer, redefined, literally

In what could be an amazing move, the UPA government is looming over the option of revising, what means a creamy layer. This new income limit is may be upto 6lakhs Now expect loads of unqualified and spoilt kids getting into the premier institutions only to be dropped or just managing to make hoola. Beware, they might even be your boss one day thanks to reservations. I dont know how reservation and equality go hand in hand.

A Collection of Classic Breaking News

If you thought Indian newspapers were crass then wait a minute, the news channels are better than them. They are in a mode of one upmanship and each channel does its best to get the breaking news first. Here is a small sample of it taken from here.

Breaking news 1 : Rahul Gandhi has dal-puri and veggies. Wow thats an awesome news and a must breaking news. This news has surely made my day. Now I can indulge in Pizzas to my heart content.



Breaking news 2 : Mr Bacchan has got cold. Oh so sad. May be I should do something immediately, like hang myself. Probably I should have done it before watching this breaking news.



Breaking news 3 : Ok enough of celebrities, this breaking new is about a common animal. Well the household cat aka Billo Rani and her adventures at the roof.



Breaking news 4 : If cat could be in news, then dogs cannot be behind. Here is a more celebrated dog, the Police Commissioners dog in news. This poor doggy got lost on 25th March. Thankfully it was found and it made it as the breaking news for the day.




When will these channels realise whats actually worth the news. There is so much more worth reporting which goes unnoticed and these worthless things become breaking news. Will these channels ever learn ??

13 June 2008

Awesome selling/fooling style

Well I had been to Calcutta for a few days and am back. On the trip I came across some amazing things. This is the most awesome one. At Vijaywada railway station, there are a few juice stalls. Awesome thing but heres the amazing part. But they are cannot serve all customers with fresh juice . So keep juice made from fruits in a container. But the customers want fresh juice. They have devised this unique plan. They pour juice from containers to mixer jars, give it a run and serve. The unsuspecting customers believe thats its freshly prepared and are taken for a ride. This is observed not only in the unknown stalls but also at the Comesun outlet. They all talk about selling fresh fruit juice. Well technically they are right. They are selling juice from fresh fruits but then this is an awesome art of selling or fooling. Now days theres even a better term for it, presentation skills. Obviously marketing and advertisements are out now

26 May 2008

Automated Gmail Account creator

Well I read this story sometime back I thought it was some sort of rumor. But it seems that the software is now available to the general public via the rapidshare.com . Heres the page which has the complete application which can create gmail accounts for you in a jiffy. Though I am not sure of reliability of this app because I dare not install apps from such location for the fear of malwares and rootkits. After this report I dont trust my anti-virus to be of any help in identifying these. I would not recommend you to use it either. Here is what the application claims to do.

  • Create Unlimited Gmail Accounts in Seconds Flat.
  • Setup Auto-Responder automatically!
  • Setup Forwarding automatically!
  • Use random or custom names!
  • Enable POP3 automatically!
  • Proxy support: HTTP/SOCKS4/SOCKS5
  • Multiple exporting options!
  • Automatic self-updating software!

From the image its clear that you can either create a single gmail account or a number of them with letters or numbers appended to the string provided by you. It also has the multi-threaded option wherein multiple threads are used to create gmail accounts for you. 

If this app is working, then Google and others should be ready to face the flood. Seems like dooms day warning for google et.al. I just wonder, what if gmail crashed the way twitter database has. Scary thought Nailbiting

23 May 2008

What I love in Firefox 3

There has been much said about Firefox3, good and bad. People have stayed away from the beta and RC builds because the real power of Firefox, the extensions is not there yet. But still I got hooked to it since its Beta 3 release, which I found was more or less stable. So heres my fav feature listff home in no particular order. I actually love all of them.

1. The new location of the Home Button.    I think this is something which is one of the most normal thing to be done. But some product manager probably of the first browser wanted it that way or the dev said that if you want it someplace else, then more time is needed. Since then everyone has been putting that home button next to Refresh. Seems stupid now, doesn't it. 

2. Most Visited Button. True of late what I do most of the time is that I visit the same pages. Its not all that often that I need to find new stuff or am bombarded with links. So this most visited button is just cool.

ff smart bookmark 3. Smart bookmarks - Tagging, most visited and recently bookmarked are some cool features which stand out instantly. And sure they are very useful and I do use them often. Though this is most visited is a repetition, what I initially thought its probably those pages which are bookmarked. But as it turns out, its same as the most visited button. I would have loved if it was most visited only for bookmarks. Places is probably a good feature but as a user it hardly makes any difference to me.

4.New Downloads Panel - This is something which is useful. You actually have a search so that you can find if you have downloaded something. Seems like an awesome idea. But I have never used it yet. Another cool part of the download is that now we can resume across sessions of firefox. Unlike earlier when you could only resume while you were still running firefox. Useful, but I still prefer Down Them All over native download feature.

ff smart autocomplete 5. Smart Autocomplete - Why I call it smart is that instead of the earlier stupidity of searching just the url, it now also matches the Title of the page. Finally some good use of the TITLE tag from HTML. I was actually beginning to think that this tag is a total waste sort of a thing. But now we have some use of it. I am now so accustomed to it that I feel like being in Jurassic Age while using IE. A very impressive feature I would say. I would even call it one of the top killer features of Firefox3

ff password

6. The remember password dialog - Well technically you cant even call it a dialog anymore. Its been morphed into a slider. I dont remember how many times I have cursed myself over not remembering password to a site or not making firefox remember it. Next time when I go to the site I try a hundred different passwords and finally when I go though, I dont remember the password as I had clicked, that Not now for the Remember Password Modal Dialog. The slider is a great move and its really enhances the usability of the s/w to a large extent. A perfect use  case to when not to use a modal dialog Happy

ff malware 7. Malware/Phishing/ Forgery Alert - Well this is another improvement. Some people will never care to visit something like paypal.com.  Well this new alert serves the purpose very well. Not on the top list but good none the less. Try it at http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/its-a-trap.html

8. Performance: Seems like an insane boost. Though I do feel that gmail is now faster but dont know who is to be held responsible for this insane nitro like boost. Seems like culprit is firefox according to John Resig

9. Make Extention Compatible - What I needed to do to make some of my fav extension to be compatible to firefox3 was just click on make compatible button. Though I would have loved if these guys had allowed that option while installing an addon too. To get around I had to unzip those .xpi files and then change the max version in install.rdf to current firefox version. Then zip the folder back and rename as .xpi. Now firefox was ready to install it. Most of my extensions worked this way except Google Gears, which I dont know when would be released for Firefox3.

ff addressbar 10. The All new Address Bar design - Well the new address bar is definitely the most noticeable feature of Firefox3. It not only makes you more aware of the security and presents it in a much more appealing manner than the usual stupid dialog. But the best part of the address bar is the Bookmark and RSS icons. They make things so much easier to use. Although I would have loved all the features of Locationbar², but then its still an improvement and makes it the best.

Overall a cool experience and am sure it is leaving IE a long way behind and I am loving it. For MS or Apple to make me a convert from Firefox to them would be a task for sure.

22 May 2008

Oh fudge....20% of Americans have never used email

Believe it friends around 20% Americans have never used email. What is even more mind boggling is that some 30% of households dont have access to internet service. Consider this that in India we have just 27.5% of people living below the poverty line. Rest are above. The number of people who have never had food is nearly 0%. This is one of the greatest achievements of Indian government over the 61 years of independence from the blood sucking Britishers. Its a real sham that US has more people with broadband than we have without food. A pity on those obsese americans who are the wasting around 3,770 calories of food energy per day.

Well you think its crap. Well I never said this is intellectual.

17 May 2008

Random Post

There is possibly nothing better than blabbering without a cause. Thats something that earns millions for certain cos and individuals who would speak whatever they can in the heat of the moment. There will random blames on certain people about the cause of the blast, without realizing anything. They would blame anything and everyone about whatever that has happened. Some would consider themselves the messiah of all things. They will act Godly but duck at the first chance of a risk. The guy reporting the situation will photograph the dying instead of saving him. Later act as the Messenger of God. Is it that humans find success in misery. More often than not, the bigger the villian, the more powerful is the hero. Its misery of the situation which probably bring out the hero.

The smell of the flower in the morning and evening hours seem awesome but the same during afternoon seems different. I believe that its just our perception changes in those hours. Its highly unlikely that the flowers would stop giving fragrance in those hours. Same is with people and ideas. What seems right now may be unjust tomorrow. I am sure the Britisher's were having their heads high over their monarchy and their rule over all the colonies like India et al. But today, I am sure it seems gruesome to even those Britisher's. I have seen perception about a lot of things change with time.

Friends too change with time. Their priorities change. Their life changes. You are no more fit in their life. They branch away from you. Thats life. You never stick to one thing, change is the constant throughout. Thats an ironic statement but true. But then life itself is an irony. You start with a smash and end in an ash. The truth of life. But does it really matter what all is there in the middle. Something like a mango. Do hell with whatever is the skin and the rocky seed inside. Its the in between thing which actually matters.


I know, you must be wondering, what random crap is this guy writing, but then the blog title is self explanatory Happy

09 May 2008

If only ads dont lie

A picture is worth a thousand words. Obviously simplymarry.com went overboard with the ad campaign. Winking

false advertisment


Common yaar every body knows there are no beautiful girls in Software. By the way never heard anyone say Software Engineering as their qualification. What do you think of simplymarry.com now??


A few other ads which they may have

  • A hunk describing himself as havaldar or constable.
  • A hottie posing as PhD in science.
  • Another hottie posing as Women Welfare executive

Can u think of any other situations??

05 May 2008

Manoranjan Unlimited -- Baap of WWE is here

Now if someone says I am proved wrong then buddy you need to look here and here. What the heck is it man. Isnt it what WWE is all about. After all its about entertainment. Stupid entertainment. You play with feelings and generate regionalism and hatred. Is it what entertainment is all about. What ever happened to cricket. I had initially surmised that all the entertainment would there due to SRK and Priety being around. But as it turns out Ganguly, Warne, Harbhajan and Sreesanth are not bad.

To me it sounds more like those Rs20 per over games which are there at a lot of places where you can go and hit the ball as hard as you can. Stupid junta will watch anything. Since the organisers did not have faith in the stupidity of the Indian Junta, they got themselves skimpily clad cheerleaders who would entertain the crowd with their moves. Wow  now that something I would pay anything for. After all staring/glancing/X-Raying females is the national passtime of India. The lesser the clothes, the better it is. After all Kareena, Katrina, Rakhi Sawant et al are earning moolahs because of that. Now besides movies and stage shows they have the IPL. Haven't u seen those Women's WWE bouts. It all about showing your body and bust than anything else. Seems like something similar here. Great job Mr Sharad Pawar.

Whatever happened to promoting new players, havnt seen that happen yet. The game is still dominated by the oldies and the Aussies. Where the hell is the new talent. Is India facing a talent crunch. I dont know.

Anyways kick the crass....hit the ball....its a six....who cares....End of post.

28 April 2008

My experiment with microblogging

Well I have heard enough of microblogging. I dirtied my hands with pownce and then later with twitter. Pownce as I found was more of spam than anything else. On twitter there are so many interesting people, sharing some good ideas and links. But of late its been inundated with chat messages. I think thats one thing that sucks on twitter. You just get inundated with so much of ignorable chat that you want to remove it. Anyways thats a different story.

Now what I am trying to do is start up with a twitter account called stupidquestions. What is going to posted on it is, well stupid questions. Some crappy questions and I expect people to come up with some good/smart answers. Now I am not going to read whatever the followers or people I am following are posting. But what I will be doing is that I will respond to all messages for stupidquestions(All messages which start with @stupidquestions). Hoping to get something good going Happy.

Do let me know what you think about this experiment of mine.

My takeaways from Barcamp Bangalore 6

Its always been that one post for Barcamp Bangalore is not enough. Its always that I have had multiple posts. This one could not be an exception. I not being an RIA fanboy did not care to attend the marathon hijack sessions on it. Neither did I care to attend Myspace thing. I kind of hated the fact that those RIA guys did not care but take a room for themselves for the entire time after lunch. Not that I did not like it happening but would have loved if there were people talking about other things also. After all this was not an RIACamp.

Anyways there were these interesting parallel sessions which happened. Among the first which I attended was Blogathon India. Me being an planner for Blogathon India started the session. Later it was taken over by Sanjukta. Next I preceded to help people with their wifi connections to the extent I could Happy. Anyways gurus Akash and Cruisemaniac aka Ashwin were always there. After some loitering met a few people who were interested in my idea of BuddyHere. This was probably one of thing which made me feel that probably my idea can take off as an OSS App. But then I am still as much confused about how to do it as I was before.

One thing that felt really good was when I saw a guy put labels on the Tea and coffee containers. Before that everyone was asking someone else which is which. But this guy just took the post-it notes and pasted them over the containers. After all its your barcamp. Please feel free to do anything. Now that the spirit of Barcamp.

There was this talk on saving Nanda which tried to come up with solutions. Ways to prevent the awesome trees which are there on the beautiful Nanda Road but very soon they will be chopped off to make way for the Namma Metro. But isnt it a bit too high price. It was good to meet such enthusiastic people.

Akash took a session on how to secure your ever vulnerable Windows XP with free software. No doubt that windoze is inherently a lousy OS as far as security is concerned. So the best way is to make sure we use Firefox with NoScript plugin. Another thing is to not install anything. Another interesting thing that he talked about was to disable all plugins in IE. Because if may not be IE but some other s/w which uses IE for internet be the source of problem. Sure to keep ur comp secure you can use virtualisation software too, but what about the data was the question Akash said to one of the participants. I think it was good learning from Akash about all the simple ways to prevent an attack on your PC.

Among the sessions worth mentioning were the legal aspects of Voip, SaaS and Horoscope-- Truth or Fake. It was interesting to know from the session by Rajeev that Voip is not allowed in India. All the while I thought its been made legal now. But it seems that its still illegal and we pay a hell lot of money for it. All in name of security but actually to save the VSNL from incurring losses. He is has created a community, a google group at http://groups.google.com/group/voiceofvoip. Let work towards making VoiP legal in India.

SaaS is sort of a buzzword today. But the fact is something that I know nothing of. The only thing that I can think of as SaaS  is Google Docs and similar services. I was introduced to the term, multitenent Database and SaaS for large corporations. Now thats something new.

I think this is very much what took from the last barcamp. I hope there is more of knowledge shower in the next one too.

21 April 2008

Barcamp Bangalore ... Rock the world

Well if India is diverse its so because of the people. Barcamp is for, with, by people and no wonder you had the ultimate kind of diversity in it. You had lawyers, CA, MBA, profs, CEOs, coders, developers and geeks (yes they are different) among various other people. It was an awesome mix of ideas and people. The planners met some time back and we had a lot of discussion over how to do things this time around. I was a yet another experiment. Thankfully it came out good.

If there is anything to complain about, it probably is the content. But friend isnt content something that has to come from us, the junta. I had been planning for some sort of an open source project. I thought BCB would be a great place to find people. But sadly it did not turn out the way I wanted. No hands to join in for the project. But anyways I did get some feedback on the objectives of my BuddyHere.

I did take another session on Hacking Canon compact camera to provide extra features. I will be writing a post on it soon. Among other things that I loved at the Barcamp this time around was the interactive session on SaaS or Software as a Service. Obviously its an amazing idea but still there challenges to be overcome. The multitenancy of database is surely going to go a long way in turning things around. The lightening talks, I believe are the best. In just 3 minutes so much gets exchanged. I am right now pondering over the idea, if we can have lightening talks a little more often than Barcamps. I feel most content that is presented at most places can be covered in 3 mins. Obviously these lack in depth knowledge but these are to enough to acquaint you about things which are happening around the world. Also worth mentioning is Rajeevs session on why VOIP is banned in India. He has started a google group to work towards making VOIP a reality in India. Please join us at http://groups.google.com/group/voiceofvoip for getting VOIP in India. Session on Logo designing by Aashish Solanki and the demo of Inkscape, the open source vector drawing tool was also very cool.

Besides these the interesting technical sessions there were these amazing talks about things like Genuineness of Horoscope, palmistry and Handwriting analysis. It was actually a high tempo discussion with some people (understandably) calling it a farce, whereas some others trying to prove it right. Well that discussion obviously did not end with anything but the sad truth is people still believe in this shitSad. Other sessions like dating and how to save Nanda Road were also very good. People had a good time think over these and talking about them.

Besides these what I loved was the fact that participation level was really high. Each and every person was trying to get his thoughts out. Probably this is something which will fire up a lot of innovation in India. I am actually looking at some startups which will be either rock the Web Biggies off the top or would be fodder aka acquisitions for them.

16 April 2008

Of Barcamp Bangalore

The barcamp movement has taken India  by storm and Bangalore has now become the center of this movement in India. I think it was Barcamp Bangalore where it all started and now its in its 6th edition. I was introduced to it in the 4rth edition. I liked the concept at the very first. It was very clear that everyone is equal. You would be admired based on not what you are but what you deliver. So if someone is talking crap, you can just walk out. True there were a lot of freeloaders out there who came to do nothing actually. I was supposed to be one but then I realized that I too could talk. Well not technical but the I could speak about "How the bloggers are affecting other professionals". I thought this was the beauty of Barcamp. You could discuss anything under the sun.

When the next barcamp was being planned and call was made for other to chip in, I decided to go ahead for it. Sadly I could not attend the Barcamp because of personal reasons but I could not attend it. This time around I am also trying to chip in to help have barcamp this time around too. Not much of thoughts about whats ideal but yes in terms of if there is anything that can be done, I would like to be there. Actually I am a firm believer of the fact that if there are too many cooks spoil the broth and I am happy with being a supporter.

That apart the fact is that there are really passionate people who actually work towards making barcamp a success, there are also people who are crying on the blogs and not doing anything. For me if there are a couple of ideas that discussed which stimulate my mind, thats enough for a camp because frankly we Indians are not mature enough to have tens of geniuses come for barcmap and talk about the next C, Java or next big kernel architectures. Having said that, we definitely have the knowledge of whats going around and thats cool enough. Even I plan to have a session so that I can find some people to start with building a nice open source offline blogging tool or Buddys Here. I hope I do find some interested people.

Hoping for a nice time at barcamp. But as this event is by and for the people, are you going to make it happen?




14 April 2008

Blogathon - Giving power back to people


If it was the newspapers which gave the power to the freedom fighters, its going to be the blogs which will give power to the us in fighting injustice so prevalent in the society. It would not be the voice of one or two people but the collective voice of hundred thousands whose voice will shake the blogosphere. The media as we see today is open to manipulation and more often not carrying the voice of the people. Blogathon is an attempt to unify the voice of 6 billion Indians. Together we shall talk about issues which affect us and society in general. Lets come together and talk about it. Its happening in the blogosphere from 20th to 26th April 2008. Each day the blogosphere will be talking about a particular topic. They are out now

Infrastructure: Sunday, 20th April 2008
How can we improve the traffic condition in our city?

Politics: Monday, 21st April 2008
How do we change the focus of politics from caste/religion to grassroot issues?

Entertainment: Tuesday, 22nd April 2008
Does Bollywood overshadow regional cinema in India?

Media: Wednesday, 23rd April 2008
Why are Indian news broadcast channels not as mature as their International counterparts?

Gender: Thursday, 24th April 2008
What are the challenges that society faces in accepting the concept of alternate sexuality?

Sport: Friday, 25th April 2008
Are ‘media’ and ‘com

Be there make it happen. More info at http://www.blogathon.in

Also cover well at




12 April 2008

BuddysHere --- A Mobile Application idea

Well this is an idea that I would like to share with all so that my dream can be realized. So here is the idea.

Now that we have mobiles with GPS we should make use of it. So now you have this messenger which would update your position in your IM every time you move over 100m or something. I am assuming that either the GPS now or sooner will be accurate to something like few meters. So when you have some of your friends around, you know that they are. Cool dont u think?

Here are options to make it happen.

1. Send update about the location to all/selected your buddies.

Pro: Simple and effective

Cons: No Privacy and your exact location is known to all.

2. Server gets updates and it pings you about friends close to you

Pro: Agains simple and effective

Cons: Requires server services. You location data is on a central server and this is a possible privacy risk.

3. Each person broadcasts a location to all his friends which is nearly correct. Now this nearly is something debatable but I would suggest it would be something like near in the range of a kilometer. If some other friends of yours is in location close to you, you respond by sending a still more accurate location. This step can be repeated several times so that friends who are actually close can know without actually revealing the true location unless they are truely close to each other.

Pro: Effective with privacy taken care.

Con: Complicated and can be wrong at times Batting Eyelashes if the algo is imperfect.


Now I propose we use the third option along with Jabber perhaps and make a good instant messenger for cell phones. Can we have gang doing it during the Barcamp Bangalore 6. Can we just add this over an existing open source project. Do let me know if you are interested or have other ideas.

01 April 2008

Aamir Khan - The looser

For those who do not follow news or anything let me point you to his blog. First of all he has this terrible Web 0.0 type of blog which basically sucks. Add a dash of the usual dramatics and you have a super blog. Super not because its good or thoughts are good but there a fan following of his. Thats the only reason I could see why anyone would follow his life force sucking blog. I had great respect for this guy until he wrote this post. I thought he was different when he came in support of the Narmada Bachao Andolan. He was very right. But now he has made monstrous decision. HE HAS DECIDED TO GO AHEAD WITH OLYMPICS TORCH RELAY. Wow when the world realizes to protest something we have a supporter in India other than the spineless mindless communists. I was rather happy with BJP in this regard, at least they showed some spine.

Lets examine some of the finer points which Mr Khan had to make.

I would like to state that I have the highest regard and respect for the struggle that the people of Tibet are going through. I completely empathize with them. Similarly, I have the highest respect and regard for the struggle that the people of Iraq, Kashmiri Pundits who have been displaced, Kashmiris in general, and the people of Palestine, are going through. I have named above just a few instances of human rights violations. Across the world, and indeed within our own country too, there are several instances and examples of atrocities and human rights violation, which are still continuing. I

With due regards Mr Khan I feel u should promote the next Olympics to be held in North Korea. Obviously there are so less places on earth. Mind it there is a big difference between the India and China. For starters the absolute rule is not there. There is something called the Courts and media which is thankfully very active. I thank God for not letting India go the communist way. It saved us from becoming slaves to Communist Brigade of India. At least we are allowed to speak, think and do as we please provided others are not offended. There is a big difference between China and other places on Earth. I am sure u dont realize it at all.

However, I feel that the Olympic Games do not belong to China.
In fact if we were to try and find on this planet a place to hold the Olympic Games where the government of that place has not been responsible for human rights violations (in one way or the other), then I suspect that we would be left with very few options, if any at all. If I am not mistaken almost all societies have been responsible for human rights violation either directly or indirectly, sometimes in seen ways and sometimes in unseen ways, sometimes physically, sometimes economically.

Sure Sir Olympics do not belong to China but we must protest and highlight the cause of Tibetians. Good way of justifying thinks, often the way Mr Singh does for his colleagues who are involved in scandals. The problem is not with violation, but the problem is in not resolving the problems. Controlling thought, action and restricting people physically does make a offence of human rights violations several times greater in magnitude. By support the event to happen in China, you are committing an offence no lesser than the Chinese government itself.

The Olympic Games represent for me the coming together of different people across the world despite their differences and difficulties. It is an opportunity for sportsmen and women across the world to showcase their talent, to challenge themselves and others, and for others to watch and marvel at the achievements of the human body, mind and soul.

Yes it is but when the organizers disallow the voice of the people, where is the moral right of the same. Its like having an Olympics while Hitler was at war. Oppressing and killing the innocent Jews.

I request those of you who have asked me to stay away from the Olympic Torch Relay to understand that when I do run with the torch on the 17th of April it is not in support of China. In fact it will be with a prayer in my heart for the people of Tibet, and indeed for all people across the world who are victims of human rights violations.

I am sorry Mr Khan but technically u have surrendered to the killer Chinese Commies. May the soul of peaceful protestors of Tibet rest in peace. I dont expect much from you anymore. I would surely do my part by boycotting all events related to Olympics and Mr Khan you too. I know I may miss some of the good movies coming out of Bollywood but then I do not mind. May the limelight of running with the Olympics Torch shine on you. May the Tibetans get the freedom they deserve. May Dalai Lama dont get insulted by coarse words and lies of the Chinese Administration. May world be a happy place.


Anyways I plan to boycott all sponsors of this Olympics.

25 March 2008

Thoughts on love and likes

Sometimes I wondered if there is anything called love. To put it plainly till I was in college I had this firm belief that love is not in the heart but in the mind. Being in love with the hottie in college was the passion and pride of most ppl. Though ur stupid as a dunk or having looks of Pankaj Kapoor(Apologies to Mr Kapoor but thats a good description) but you will never settle for anything but Aishwarya. They put everything at stake for her. Fight off guy who comes within 10m of her. But then when they realized that the girl has gone the other way, the guys would desperately hunt for a gal. Be it of any type or taste. Having a gal takes a high priority rather than any of the features of the gal. Then you would commit yourself to spend 99.99% of you telephone bill on SMSing her. Better still, hunt for a free SMS plan. Change numbers to get that plan. Picking and dropping the gal home becomes a top priority. The guy would also probably write/engrave on his arm the name of his 'supposed' love only for the girl to respond by saying, 'Spelling mistake". And by the end of the semester the guy will go around with someone else and the gal too would switch to someone else. If the guy is not ready to accept the change in life, all hell would break loose. Examples are Vivek and Salman bash. Fights become a norm and ridiculously stupid. Now is that really love?

Another old timers Bollywood masala story. Guy and gal in complete love with each other but the villain parents against it. So called lovers run away to start a life of their own. Leaving their entire family which perhaps 'loved' them very much. Is this love with spouse more than the love for parents who have cared for you for the last XX years(where X at least > 1). One love kills all other love.

On the contrary if the one of the lover decides to believe that dumping parents for their love is stupid. That person can take it for granted to be looser. That guy did not have guts to walk on the path of love and similar comments would be showered on that person.

Some people talk about love being sacrifices. Now thats something interesting. You would sacrifice anything for love. You would not kill your love if he/she goes for someone else like SRK in Darr(you can basically take examples from 'n' number of movies). You would just drown yourself in alcohol like the lover boy Devdas(SRK or Dilip Kumar, your choice). You can also continue your life as if nothing happened. Your hunt for true love continues until next time.

I would take the above example in a slightly different scenario. You go to this amazing place. You happen to see a really beautiful girl. You 'believe' you are in 'true love' with this girl. She is alone with her friends who in turn are with their 'loves'. Now would you go approach this gal and she just bumps you off. Would pestering her be true love or just leaving her? In case you said pestering, you are close to sexual harassment case. I wonder why it would not be 'true love' when you decide not trouble your 'love'.

So friends let me know where is love in all this. I believe that I love my parents a lot. But then this MTV defined love is always related to romance and D&P. Nothing more than that. Reading/watching any of those love guides I dont think can teach you anything. I wonder what love actually is but love is a mystery since ages and philosophy is yet to come anything but closer to define it.

20 March 2008

This Congress government is communal, Now is that something unknown

The current Congress government is anything but secular. You cannot be secular just because you support a minority more than the majority and other minority communities. I have always believed that BJP was more secular than the current government. Now Taslima Nasreen has given her certificate of communality to the Congress Government.

"I was put under tremendous stress but I could not speak out as I was under their (government) surveillance and could be harassed by them," she said in a choked voice.

"The government is no better than religious fundamentalists," she said.

If you want more proof of it, you can just look at whats happening in Andhra Pradesh. Total nationalization of all communities other than muslims and the mullas are given total control. God please help us. These guys are worse than anything they can be. Please give good sense to the people of India that they kick these people out of places of power and reverse the actions of them in reservation and other similar activities.

19 March 2008

Whats right and whats wrong?

Sometime I feel confused about whether what I am doing is correct or is it wrong. Then if you look back in time it seems like some of the actions of yours were actually wrong though it seemed correct at that moment. So is it that

There is nothing right or wrong, its just the most convincing argument at the moment.

I might seem wrong but you surely have least convincing of arguments to prove me wrong. Lets see at some of the things in the past and reflect upon they being right or wrong. Socialism was right and Capitalism was wrong a few decades ago in Russia. But then the fall of Russia and towering of US made Capitalism look good. I am sure that in a few decades if Capitalist US takes a beating and the Islamic Banking concept takes root, then everyone will be cursing Capitalism. So basically based on situation opinions change. A few years back(rewind to Rajiv Gandhi) bringing in computers was considered a job eraser. The Red flag bearers(CPI & Co) were ecstatically against introduction of computers for Railway Reservation and other jobs which were done at that time. Wonder if good sense of Rajiv Gandhi had not prevailed what would have I been doing? The anti-industrialist CPI of Bengal now craves for Tatas and Birlas to setup manufacturing units. Not that they have lost votes or anything in Bengal. I wonder the reason for this split. I am sure the only reason would be that a better argument has prevailed over the topic.

This has exactly been there during numerous discussions that I have had in my small life as a programmer. Better argument is what prevails because the right points were not raised by others at times or the perception of things have changed. I have had numerous fights over this thing but if I now reflect over those things they seem all so stupid. Those were not really things to be fought over on principle, they were things to be thought over. So it was all in the moment of argument that a particular line of thought was chosen. So I have reasons to believe that all that we do is get along with the better of the argument.

Sometimes when we dont do according to the argument, we are considered wrong does, like Rajiv Gandhi was. Examples are plenty for it.

But do you have a better argument?

13 March 2008

Mobiles in the era of IBM PC compatible predawn age

A lot has been said and done about mobile phones of today. iPhone has brought a brand new concept in phones. It really moves the mobiles to the mainstream to do things other than talking. Just when things seemed bright for the mobiles we have Mr Jobs giving out a big MSish rules for development of Apps. I am not sure of its real usage. Probably he wants to protect iPhone from viruses, but then destroyers dont wait for a legal or easy means. They will find a way out anyways.

The hardware for mobiles available is sadly built and around it software just manages things somehow. I see this as what happened to IBM PCs. They gave way to PC Compatibles with MS making a killing out of it. Even now its because of this that we had such a boom in PCs, atleast in India. It was this parallel development which actually boosted usage. If there is a corporation today which does something similar to what Intel, MS and others did together to kill the mafia of Apple and IBM. I am sure had it been then only, most application would not have had seen the light of today. Thats why I am placing my bets on Open Moko and Android Platforms. I hope they do something to free up the platform. As far as chip manufacturers like TI and Infineon are concerned its better that they realize they are better off acting on the Intels paths and freeing mobiles from the clutches of limited set of manufacturers. The onus lies on the chip makers to make a killing by supporting an open mobile platform of sorts.

It would be great if we have an option to have a basic cellphone and then we can add other accessories like a good processor, memory, SSD and 'n' other things as the user wants. These addons should be open that is to say that any manufacturer can choose to have their device available for the platform, just like on PC. Once this kind of project is announced it will take the developer community by storm and even if the start is a little uncool like initial PCs with DOS, I am sure it will soon take a lot less time to make Vista like jhingalala on the cell phone. I dont know if some mobile phones cos like Nokia or Sony Ericsson or Motorola will take advantage of the situation and open up the platform. I wish they do. If they are able to match near the iPhone I am sure developers around the world will surely make an application beyond the imagination today.

Until that happens, I am happy with the cell phone which is just enough to make and receive calls and my dream phone still remains a dream.

10 March 2008

Risk while in Jet Lite

Well this Wednesday 5th March 2008 I had this unfortunate experience of flying by Jet Lite. I must say that if there is a competition among the worst airlines in India, Jet Lite would definitely be a winner. Well as it has been renamed by some as Jet Late as its too often too late. As if that was not all, what is worse is that aircraft that they have. They are literally held together by duct tapes. These were the comments on the plane by one of my friend on it. Initially I thought it to be a joke, but then he asked me to look at the window and what I saw was this(they say a picture is worth a thousand words {Batting Eyelashes} )

Copy of IMG_2972

A little more in detail in the following two pictures




So you can imagine what we went though. But the bottom line is that we are alive {Whew}. I am not sure if it caused a security risk or something but I did not feel comfortable at all. Obviously unless there is a crash or sorts there would be no learning for these airlines. Worst there are something which not just Indian but American Airlines too do. Here is the story http://www.nbc4.com/news/15521346/detail.html . Now would you still travel by Jet Lite?

07 March 2008

Akshardhaam, Delhi --- A brand new Amusement Park concept

Recently I had this opportunity of witnessing this amazing concept. Let me start from describing this place. This place is stretched over acres of land, with a parking lot bigger than the car park at any of the Indian Aiports I have seen. So u can imagine the total size of the complex. Its just humongous. So I enter the gate and am there inside this really huge open area. Now time for the first surprise. We need to deposit all out bags, cameras, mobiles, handsfrees and basically everything that is there with you except of course you cash and other valuables. Anyways proceeding from there I moved on. At another point I was told to take off my belt. Yo Baby. This is amazing. Never seen this thing happen anywhere. I believed that Airports and Red Fort also dont have this amazing security. Then a 'proper' security check and we are now allowed to proceed and put on the belt over the falling pants. Obviously the complex people dont want to visitor with their trousers falling every now and then. After entering the main area you will realise the beauty of it. Its wonderfully done with loads of rocks and PoP. You just have to keep walking to reach the stairs of the temple. But before that you have several entertainment options like the boat ride, a movie and the museum, all in a package deal of Rs145 at the counter though they announced it as Rs125. I did not understand anything of that and did not poke as I was least interested in it. Then finally we enter the main temple complex after leaving the shoes outside. Inside we have the main idol of Swaminarayan ji and all other devtas around it. WTF!! Never seen such a sight. Though the interiors are fabulous, but I dont think u can get any religious feelings inside. You can at most admire the beauty of carving and the multiple gumbajs at the top. There are these people carrying the board which says, keep silence. Another of the first. After you have felt 100% crap if you carried any religious feelings. Then in the evening u have those awesome musical fountain. Its good and they charge a nominal amount for it. But if you think its not an amusement park then tell me what is that doing there. Then they have this awesome cafetaria where u can spend rest of the time. Its actually on the way out, so its ok. In conclution what I would like to add is that after looking into all those malls, parks and other concepts, I feel this is another cool one. Probably the rest of India too will be bit by it soon.

Some ideas in this regard.

Some of the bigger organisations can sponsor it. It would be good to see Lux Cosy ABCdhama, Pepsi XYZdhama and others. Another idea that I have is that we can also allow people to enter for free but we make it so large that the people have to buy something inside to eat. You can charge a real premium like they do at the airports, where you get that useless Rs5 coffee/tea for Rs25 among other things. Any more ideas guys??

29 February 2008

Welcome to the localized version of WWE, IPL

Well IPL is finally there. It has all the common ingredients required for a bollywood blockbuster. It has the best of bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan and the lovely Priety Zinta. There are a lot of financial muscle behind it too. You have best of the class cricketers who were auctioned off just like some antique. Some getting a price beyond expectations and some just getting selected. The current controversy in Australia has anything to go by then we can expect fireworks in IPL. Just like WWF you have two men engaged in a personal fight initially and then getting onto the ring. I dont expect anything else out of IPL. I think these guys should do some more preparation to make a Rocky kind of atmosphere. The underdog will go down in the first round and then spring back to end the game in a win. There would be mics everywhere to record what any of the player says on or off the ground. 24hr Reality TV format would be even better. All this would surely add to the entertainment value. Viewer would personally get involved in all the so called sledging. Wow so much excitement I would really die.

26 February 2008

Bug in Google Reader

google reader bug3

I have been a big fan of Google Reader even since it was launched. Its a cool application for news reading if you really love the gmail interface. Anyways some time back Google guys updated it. And from then I can see this awesome bug(Click on the image to see full sized one). Well actually what happened was that I had left google reader open for some time. Later when I came and finished what all was there and marking the uninteresting ones as read, I saw this popup. I had some 39 items only open(Look at the text bound by green lines at the bottom right of the image) but when I said Mark All as Read, I wanted to mark all 557 item(Not in the pane but updated ones) as read.Boy I got frustrated at this point. But I said Cancel, Refreshed the whole page and went through all those news which I did not find interesting enough to read. Finally I did Mark All as Read. Later I realised that even if I had done OK instead of Cancel, it would have worked and only those 39 items would have had been marked as read and not 557 as indicated. I hope those guys fix this bug atleast early. A very stupid one actually. Being a developer I just tried to imagine what might have happened. There must be two variables for total number of items, One which is being shown at the bottom of the screen and the other total(elsewhere). Why have they not used the one at the bottom of the screen, well that always does not have to hold total items, sometimes it holds values like 'XX items loaded.." or "loading next XX items". So the developer like me(sometimes :-P) tried to make use of a single variable which would hold the value of total number of items. This values goes wrong in the case which I just described above. Now that I have come up with the reason for the problem I hope these guys will fix it fast. And hey if u guys at google want to know the solution also then I am ready to help you as a consultant for a really fat fee {Big Grin}.