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Fabric - Just the tool for continuous deployment

Originally published in Near Engineering blog One of the big problems with scaling complex and tightly integrated system clusters is deploying changes. As number of tools grow, changes and deploying for scale get all the more complex. Logging into each of the different system is rendered impossible as you grow from a small unknown startup to one building large scale systems. A few months back, we decided that we had hit the limits of spending time just to deploy our RTB and DMP offerings to scale. We needed a radical solution to get it right. Let me get to our problem statement. We need to deploy a setup which involves a concoction of various technologies like HAProxy, Redis, Nginx, PHP-FPM, ZMQ, Kafka, ElasticSeach, Logstash etc. This is just tools which must be configured on deployment of a new machine in our cluster. Besides these you have all the code in PHP which needs to configure location of the services which are different based on regions. I believe this is a fairly