30 September 2008

Defeat of truth in a Democracy

Well Nanavati Commision Report is out and there it goes, as expected proving innocence of Narendra Modi and validating the BJP stand. And as expected, all the hue and cry from Congress. Well it was a similar scene, with only the roles changed when Banerjee Report came. Similar hue and cry. I wonder if they talk sense and prove things instead of making empty noises. No I am not trying to support any one, but fact is that truth has died thanks to all the politics around the death of so many. I find it even more weird that most journalists never fail to mention that more than a thousand people died and most minority(it seems like only minority in India are the muslims. I wonder where do Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians go. I dont know where the fault lies. I dont know if these reports actually did any kind of study. I dont know if any of these reports did some scientific research and tests. I dont know if all these reports were written as any Sci-Fi writer does with all the research in his mind and loop holes in the hindsight brushed out as impossible scenarios. All I know is that we would never be able to know the truth. Probably this is one of the perils of power in anyone's hand, be it democracy, communists or autocratic regimes. Truth as in most cases is the victim and its dead.

19 September 2008

Super Time at Barcamp Bangalore 7

Barcamp Bangalore is one of those events which I just wait for. Its a time when I rejuvenate my thought process which is drained thanks to the often hectic work at office. Also this is one place where geeks can feel at home and talk about anything under the sun. Its pretty cool that its not just Tech thats discussed but also other topics close to us, like politics and life.

Like most times, the paper wiki was filled completely as soon as it was put up. I actually saw a few people going disappointed with not being able to put up their talk. And like most other times, it started with the intro session for the first timers. This time it was Pradeep BV taking charge and explaining it to the first timers, what barcamp is all about. After that it was realized that one of the four rooms were actually not available for Barcampers.

Anyways another great thing that happened was that an Impromptu Sessions paper wiki was put up. Amazingly it too was filled in a matter of minutes, it was put up. It was really amazing to see that we had too many people all set to give sessions.

For me it started with the session on Concept Search by two people from Core Objects. It was pretty interesting to see it. If I get the link to it I would definitely post it. But then they actually nearly ripped apart the Google's search strategy.

Next it was Jayanth and Ashim from Stoke. Ashim talked about 4G technologies and how they are growing and what to expect from the future. Jayanth told about some device they had made at Stoke. Amazing, this thing is happening right here in Bangalore.

At the same time it was session by the Beagle Board guys who were demoing the board to the junta at BCB7. Something interesting but could not help it, it happens all the time at BCB.

Next session was by Mr Dorai Thodla on Tracking Technology Trends. It was nifty little presentation. Some very interesting sites and stats mentioned to track trends in technology. more over here http://dorai.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/bcb7-presentation-on-technology-trends/

It was lunch and we headed for the cafeteria. Decent lunch with a random conversation with a bunch of friends I had found at BCB. Vinayak reminded me of BCB6 when during lunch we had an interesting conversation over why Google is cool with all the data it has of mine. It was around that time that Biking guys demoed their gears with some real costly cycles(bikes for some).

The next session that I attended was by Ujj. This was a cool session(better known as discussion in BCB Circles) where we talked about how to manage your personal project with the hectic day jobs. Interesting thoughts there.

I took a session(read discussion) on ELearning. I got Pradeep BV to share his thoughts on how Elearning is shaping up in India. He talked from his experience with  VTU's EduSat program and other initiatives in Karnataka. Then we had the entire junta just wanting to talk about their experience. The basic idea of this session was to come up with whats happening currently in the ELearning scene and what it lacks. What lacks is something which will shape up the future for sure. Some interesting point which came up were

1. It should be interactive

2. It should be fun

3. Collaboration on content and between users is the key

4. Ease of creation of content is important

5. Synchronous feedback is important but then it limits. Some alternative solution is required.

I had to leave the session in there as a few others were all ready to give their session on Economies of Internet. It was taken by two guys(I am sorry I dont remember the names Sad, help me please). It was a rather interesting take on how the big telecom companies are crushing the internet by not investing enough in the middle mile. They just sit there and make loads of money just by the virtue of being big monoliths. I wonder if technology of the GenNext would be able to break it.

That was pretty much it, when BCB7 day1 closed for me. I had a nice time there attending all these sessions. What happened on Day2, calls for another post, hopefully tomorrow of by the end of this week Happy

12 September 2008

Barcamp Bangalore 7 is here again

Barcamp Bangalore 7 is here again. Because of the crazy times at work, I have not updated by blog for a long time. I dont know if I will be able to do it in the next few weeks also. But I wish I could. One thing is for sure that I am going to Barcamp and it will be a good time. Startup Saturday is happening at the same place and the same time. Its the very same ppl who were organising Barcamp Bangalore who are behind it. I am still wondering what made them move to a conference like event rather than an unconference. Anyways its for me to find out in the next few days.

I am looking forward to a session by @mataal on Process vs Thread. Another one if by Ujjwal on how to chase your dream project while keeping your day job. I am sure a few more interesting things will pop up, as always. Anyways I am also leading a discussion on ELearning and what it hold for us in the future. I hope that I will have some interesting people to talk over it.