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They came, they saw, they shot and what do we do now???

Well they came by sea and this has been confirmed by Govt. of India. They killed 100s and I strongly believe that the number given by Govt of Indiais highly deflated one. Great bloggers like Nitin Pai and GreatBong have written at lengths about this carnage(I am sorry for those who call it tragedy). It was nothing more that cold blooded massacre of people in India. The suggestion and thoughts by both these bloggers have been bang on target. But then, this stupid Congress government is not expected to be able to achieve anything. So here are my suggestions(well when everyone has one, why should I not chip in) There are three ways to deal with the situation. 1. Pseudo-Gandhian way -- Take out rally and protest creating havoc for the people who are already suffering at the hands of the government. The candle lights protest as well as going at lengths of giving memorandum to the political brasses all fall in this category. I hail from the city known of late more for protests than a