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Barcamp Bangalore 5 - Will be missing it this time around

I had attended Barcamp Bangalore 4. I liked the concept and decided that I will probably help out organize next time around, considering that its open to all. The old timers were really happy to get us on board. But the spoiler for me is the fact that I would have had been out of town on the days Barcamp was schedules. Having taken the dip in the organizing it, it was very much clear that whether I attend or not, let me just help if there is no one. I dont know if I was of any help or not, but I did argue a lot on a lot of matters. I hope that this Barcamp will again generate the enthusiasm and interest in people to do something beyond. There will be some technologies to be understood and some nuance to be cleared. So guys see in the next Barcamp, Hopefully .

Theory of Stupidity

Well its an interesting topic to research on. Though I am not doing any kind of Ph.D on it but still I feel I have had enough of such experiences to believe that I am able enough to talk about it. More so because I am a keen observer. I am always observing who is visiting my site for example. I have explained this theory to a lot of my friends. Interestingly never has anyone come up with a counter argument. Anyways lets get to the point. There is some smart guy(Me) who has formed the law of stupidity which goes as follows.    Everyone is stupid. Smartness is actually just absence of stupidity Stupidity is proportional to hair length.   First Law basically says is that "Stupidity is ubiquous". This means that stupidity is everywhere. Each one of us is stupid to some extent. Each one of us will act stupid in one situation or the other. Take me for example, I will act totally stupid when I am talking to a gi

Phishing Attempt with gmail

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World Usability Day event at Bangalore

5th November(instead of 8th because of Diwali) was celebrated as World Usability Day. Bangalore was not untouched by the phenomenon, though it would rather had been a major thing. But clearly with over 120(My guess) it was not ignorable event. Long time since the usability aspects have been ignored by the technologists. iPhone and iPod have clearly shown the way. They were nothing radical in concept but they infact radically changed the usability part of the respective equipments. I must add here that I was late for the event. But none the less I did have the opportunity to hear Mr MP Ranjan on Designing. His take on the Design for the user and design in various fields. Pretty much the whole talk is online at his blog . But it was real experience to hear it from the horse's mouth. Next Sarit from HFI presented the findings of usability test of Indian Railways Online reservation site at . Ironically it was the awarde

Barcamp Bangalore Registrations open

Finally we have the registrations open for Barcamp Bangalore 5. As usual its through the wiki here . You are requested to enter in the format specified. For wiki entry enter in following format # Name , Blog/Website, Organisation, Email Id, '''Collectives: Primary:'''ABC '''Others: '''XYZ I hope this is going to be the most liveliest of all barcamps happening around the world, the Baap of all Unconferences.