15 April 2009

Damn Small Media Player – My tiny Mp3 player for all platforms

Well building on my knowledge of WxWidgets and frustration with ever growing size of music players like Winamp or Windows Media Player, I decided that did not need those many features most of the time.

So what was that I was looking for
1. Play Mp3s
2. Have a playlists, retain it and ability to add all files to the player at once.
3. Mp3 tags are mostly useless, filenames make more sense
4. Shortcuts should be simple and also alternative global keys
5. Small size, preferably below 2MB.
6. Multi-platform code.
7. Playlist Queue

This was my priority, in no particular order, while I was designing this Mp3 player. But then I got some feedback from friends who wanted search feature as well. So there it was. All done and over. But then again most my friends and me felt that the UI sucked. Well it continues to. I am not good as styling so still looking for help from friends to make a better looking UI Happy

So now its a 716Kb file which you need to download and there you go. No installation, no setup. Its all in that 716Kb. Just download, Add mp3 files and run. You are all set to hear music.

If you are trying(development) it on Windows you will need WxWidgets library. For development you can also use wxDev-Cpp IDE . To reduce size further I have used UPX which is pretty cool and is also available for Linux too.

So how can you help ? Well I have no clue on how to write a makefile on linux. So any help in that direction is also appreciated. The code is hosted at http://code.google.com/p/dsmp/ for you to take a good look at it. The code is very simple. Well obviously I am still looking for someone to help me design a better UI with some styling.