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Reasons to why we are here

This is one of those days when I am doing that I do best. Sleep. Having slept something like 17 hours of the past 24 and its the clock is yet to strike 12. It just popped in my head. Nothing much it was just a question. Y am I doing what I am doing. I can just sleep all day long and night we anyways are supposed to(Unless you are one of those unfortunate souls who have to be in a BPO for US) . Why do I struggle hard to prove myself. Why do I do what I do. I am a software engineer by day. Why should I really do it. One of those real hard questions which all those smart guys purposely do not answer in a manner that would otherwise be understandable to normal humans. Actually the preachers hardly follow what they preach. I know I am going to have a series of blogs on this issue. but lets start from this one First of all lets take all relegions, and the scientific theories how we are here. According to Jesus or say Bible its the Gods creation. But then why the hell did he let things go o

Jai Ho Passport Baba Ki

There was this big H1-B dream. Then there was this cap on H1-B Visa. Sadly the situation became such that for the 65k Visas, there were 150k applications. So much sothat they decided that the only way out is a lottery . Dont worry friends. For all those who have applied and have not received their Visa yet and are biting their nails for some Godly intervention. Here is the solution. Go to Passport Baba. No he is not like the Peticoat Baba of “ Run ”. He is free of his earthly body. He was controlled by it 100 years ago. Ever since he is makes it possible for others to freely go across the continents. You need to go with a copy of your passport and you are not done yet. You need to visit him for 7 weeks. Here is more info about him Wait a minute but…He was supposed to get us Visa, but he is Passport Baba. I am confused. Anyways he just makes one things possible which is really hard to see in present day politisphere, Hindu-Muslim unity and faith in something.