25 March 2008

Thoughts on love and likes

Sometimes I wondered if there is anything called love. To put it plainly till I was in college I had this firm belief that love is not in the heart but in the mind. Being in love with the hottie in college was the passion and pride of most ppl. Though ur stupid as a dunk or having looks of Pankaj Kapoor(Apologies to Mr Kapoor but thats a good description) but you will never settle for anything but Aishwarya. They put everything at stake for her. Fight off guy who comes within 10m of her. But then when they realized that the girl has gone the other way, the guys would desperately hunt for a gal. Be it of any type or taste. Having a gal takes a high priority rather than any of the features of the gal. Then you would commit yourself to spend 99.99% of you telephone bill on SMSing her. Better still, hunt for a free SMS plan. Change numbers to get that plan. Picking and dropping the gal home becomes a top priority. The guy would also probably write/engrave on his arm the name of his 'supposed' love only for the girl to respond by saying, 'Spelling mistake". And by the end of the semester the guy will go around with someone else and the gal too would switch to someone else. If the guy is not ready to accept the change in life, all hell would break loose. Examples are Vivek and Salman bash. Fights become a norm and ridiculously stupid. Now is that really love?

Another old timers Bollywood masala story. Guy and gal in complete love with each other but the villain parents against it. So called lovers run away to start a life of their own. Leaving their entire family which perhaps 'loved' them very much. Is this love with spouse more than the love for parents who have cared for you for the last XX years(where X at least > 1). One love kills all other love.

On the contrary if the one of the lover decides to believe that dumping parents for their love is stupid. That person can take it for granted to be looser. That guy did not have guts to walk on the path of love and similar comments would be showered on that person.

Some people talk about love being sacrifices. Now thats something interesting. You would sacrifice anything for love. You would not kill your love if he/she goes for someone else like SRK in Darr(you can basically take examples from 'n' number of movies). You would just drown yourself in alcohol like the lover boy Devdas(SRK or Dilip Kumar, your choice). You can also continue your life as if nothing happened. Your hunt for true love continues until next time.

I would take the above example in a slightly different scenario. You go to this amazing place. You happen to see a really beautiful girl. You 'believe' you are in 'true love' with this girl. She is alone with her friends who in turn are with their 'loves'. Now would you go approach this gal and she just bumps you off. Would pestering her be true love or just leaving her? In case you said pestering, you are close to sexual harassment case. I wonder why it would not be 'true love' when you decide not trouble your 'love'.

So friends let me know where is love in all this. I believe that I love my parents a lot. But then this MTV defined love is always related to romance and D&P. Nothing more than that. Reading/watching any of those love guides I dont think can teach you anything. I wonder what love actually is but love is a mystery since ages and philosophy is yet to come anything but closer to define it.

20 March 2008

This Congress government is communal, Now is that something unknown

The current Congress government is anything but secular. You cannot be secular just because you support a minority more than the majority and other minority communities. I have always believed that BJP was more secular than the current government. Now Taslima Nasreen has given her certificate of communality to the Congress Government.

"I was put under tremendous stress but I could not speak out as I was under their (government) surveillance and could be harassed by them," she said in a choked voice.

"The government is no better than religious fundamentalists," she said.

If you want more proof of it, you can just look at whats happening in Andhra Pradesh. Total nationalization of all communities other than muslims and the mullas are given total control. God please help us. These guys are worse than anything they can be. Please give good sense to the people of India that they kick these people out of places of power and reverse the actions of them in reservation and other similar activities.

19 March 2008

Whats right and whats wrong?

Sometime I feel confused about whether what I am doing is correct or is it wrong. Then if you look back in time it seems like some of the actions of yours were actually wrong though it seemed correct at that moment. So is it that

There is nothing right or wrong, its just the most convincing argument at the moment.

I might seem wrong but you surely have least convincing of arguments to prove me wrong. Lets see at some of the things in the past and reflect upon they being right or wrong. Socialism was right and Capitalism was wrong a few decades ago in Russia. But then the fall of Russia and towering of US made Capitalism look good. I am sure that in a few decades if Capitalist US takes a beating and the Islamic Banking concept takes root, then everyone will be cursing Capitalism. So basically based on situation opinions change. A few years back(rewind to Rajiv Gandhi) bringing in computers was considered a job eraser. The Red flag bearers(CPI & Co) were ecstatically against introduction of computers for Railway Reservation and other jobs which were done at that time. Wonder if good sense of Rajiv Gandhi had not prevailed what would have I been doing? The anti-industrialist CPI of Bengal now craves for Tatas and Birlas to setup manufacturing units. Not that they have lost votes or anything in Bengal. I wonder the reason for this split. I am sure the only reason would be that a better argument has prevailed over the topic.

This has exactly been there during numerous discussions that I have had in my small life as a programmer. Better argument is what prevails because the right points were not raised by others at times or the perception of things have changed. I have had numerous fights over this thing but if I now reflect over those things they seem all so stupid. Those were not really things to be fought over on principle, they were things to be thought over. So it was all in the moment of argument that a particular line of thought was chosen. So I have reasons to believe that all that we do is get along with the better of the argument.

Sometimes when we dont do according to the argument, we are considered wrong does, like Rajiv Gandhi was. Examples are plenty for it.

But do you have a better argument?

13 March 2008

Mobiles in the era of IBM PC compatible predawn age

A lot has been said and done about mobile phones of today. iPhone has brought a brand new concept in phones. It really moves the mobiles to the mainstream to do things other than talking. Just when things seemed bright for the mobiles we have Mr Jobs giving out a big MSish rules for development of Apps. I am not sure of its real usage. Probably he wants to protect iPhone from viruses, but then destroyers dont wait for a legal or easy means. They will find a way out anyways.

The hardware for mobiles available is sadly built and around it software just manages things somehow. I see this as what happened to IBM PCs. They gave way to PC Compatibles with MS making a killing out of it. Even now its because of this that we had such a boom in PCs, atleast in India. It was this parallel development which actually boosted usage. If there is a corporation today which does something similar to what Intel, MS and others did together to kill the mafia of Apple and IBM. I am sure had it been then only, most application would not have had seen the light of today. Thats why I am placing my bets on Open Moko and Android Platforms. I hope they do something to free up the platform. As far as chip manufacturers like TI and Infineon are concerned its better that they realize they are better off acting on the Intels paths and freeing mobiles from the clutches of limited set of manufacturers. The onus lies on the chip makers to make a killing by supporting an open mobile platform of sorts.

It would be great if we have an option to have a basic cellphone and then we can add other accessories like a good processor, memory, SSD and 'n' other things as the user wants. These addons should be open that is to say that any manufacturer can choose to have their device available for the platform, just like on PC. Once this kind of project is announced it will take the developer community by storm and even if the start is a little uncool like initial PCs with DOS, I am sure it will soon take a lot less time to make Vista like jhingalala on the cell phone. I dont know if some mobile phones cos like Nokia or Sony Ericsson or Motorola will take advantage of the situation and open up the platform. I wish they do. If they are able to match near the iPhone I am sure developers around the world will surely make an application beyond the imagination today.

Until that happens, I am happy with the cell phone which is just enough to make and receive calls and my dream phone still remains a dream.

10 March 2008

Risk while in Jet Lite

Well this Wednesday 5th March 2008 I had this unfortunate experience of flying by Jet Lite. I must say that if there is a competition among the worst airlines in India, Jet Lite would definitely be a winner. Well as it has been renamed by some as Jet Late as its too often too late. As if that was not all, what is worse is that aircraft that they have. They are literally held together by duct tapes. These were the comments on the plane by one of my friend on it. Initially I thought it to be a joke, but then he asked me to look at the window and what I saw was this(they say a picture is worth a thousand words {Batting Eyelashes} )

Copy of IMG_2972

A little more in detail in the following two pictures




So you can imagine what we went though. But the bottom line is that we are alive {Whew}. I am not sure if it caused a security risk or something but I did not feel comfortable at all. Obviously unless there is a crash or sorts there would be no learning for these airlines. Worst there are something which not just Indian but American Airlines too do. Here is the story http://www.nbc4.com/news/15521346/detail.html . Now would you still travel by Jet Lite?

07 March 2008

Akshardhaam, Delhi --- A brand new Amusement Park concept

Recently I had this opportunity of witnessing this amazing concept. Let me start from describing this place. This place is stretched over acres of land, with a parking lot bigger than the car park at any of the Indian Aiports I have seen. So u can imagine the total size of the complex. Its just humongous. So I enter the gate and am there inside this really huge open area. Now time for the first surprise. We need to deposit all out bags, cameras, mobiles, handsfrees and basically everything that is there with you except of course you cash and other valuables. Anyways proceeding from there I moved on. At another point I was told to take off my belt. Yo Baby. This is amazing. Never seen this thing happen anywhere. I believed that Airports and Red Fort also dont have this amazing security. Then a 'proper' security check and we are now allowed to proceed and put on the belt over the falling pants. Obviously the complex people dont want to visitor with their trousers falling every now and then. After entering the main area you will realise the beauty of it. Its wonderfully done with loads of rocks and PoP. You just have to keep walking to reach the stairs of the temple. But before that you have several entertainment options like the boat ride, a movie and the museum, all in a package deal of Rs145 at the counter though they announced it as Rs125. I did not understand anything of that and did not poke as I was least interested in it. Then finally we enter the main temple complex after leaving the shoes outside. Inside we have the main idol of Swaminarayan ji and all other devtas around it. WTF!! Never seen such a sight. Though the interiors are fabulous, but I dont think u can get any religious feelings inside. You can at most admire the beauty of carving and the multiple gumbajs at the top. There are these people carrying the board which says, keep silence. Another of the first. After you have felt 100% crap if you carried any religious feelings. Then in the evening u have those awesome musical fountain. Its good and they charge a nominal amount for it. But if you think its not an amusement park then tell me what is that doing there. Then they have this awesome cafetaria where u can spend rest of the time. Its actually on the way out, so its ok. In conclution what I would like to add is that after looking into all those malls, parks and other concepts, I feel this is another cool one. Probably the rest of India too will be bit by it soon.

Some ideas in this regard.

Some of the bigger organisations can sponsor it. It would be good to see Lux Cosy ABCdhama, Pepsi XYZdhama and others. Another idea that I have is that we can also allow people to enter for free but we make it so large that the people have to buy something inside to eat. You can charge a real premium like they do at the airports, where you get that useless Rs5 coffee/tea for Rs25 among other things. Any more ideas guys??