Risk while in Jet Lite

Well this Wednesday 5th March 2008 I had this unfortunate experience of flying by Jet Lite. I must say that if there is a competition among the worst airlines in India, Jet Lite would definitely be a winner. Well as it has been renamed by some as Jet Late as its too often too late. As if that was not all, what is worse is that aircraft that they have. They are literally held together by duct tapes. These were the comments on the plane by one of my friend on it. Initially I thought it to be a joke, but then he asked me to look at the window and what I saw was this(they say a picture is worth a thousand words {Batting Eyelashes} )

Copy of IMG_2972

A little more in detail in the following two pictures




So you can imagine what we went though. But the bottom line is that we are alive {Whew}. I am not sure if it caused a security risk or something but I did not feel comfortable at all. Obviously unless there is a crash or sorts there would be no learning for these airlines. Worst there are something which not just Indian but American Airlines too do. Here is the story http://www.nbc4.com/news/15521346/detail.html . Now would you still travel by Jet Lite?


100rabh, thats interesting. Jet Lite is previously Sahara and they are using the same aircraft. Did you complain to the flight manager? You should have made a mess and walked out of the aircraft citing security risks. This would have definitely added value.
100rabh™ said…
Sure I should have, if I now think of it. But I was really tired at the end of the day after nearly 4hrs waiting at the airport just to get back home. I think most of us there were in the same condition, and we hoped it would not lead to any kind of a crash. :-(
Jamuna said…
That is atrocious. After the whopping cost we pay per ticket to these airlines, if the condition of the aircraft is going to be so pathetic, well, I am wordless. It is because the companies take us for granted. Unless a mishap occurs nobody bothers and even then some other issue crops up and this is easily forgotten. God save travellers!!!
100rabh™ said…
Sad state of some LOW COST airlines. After this I would rather prefer HIGH COST airlines that this situation.
alok said…
This is something really serious and risky. We just can’t excuse them by tagging LOW COST air lines, after all who has given them the authority to play with passenger’s life ?

Good that you have taken those photos and it would be a nice idea if you can publish the flight information (flight no. etc …) … now it should reach to the right forum. you can try putting this post on http://cj.ibnlive.com/index.html

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