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Barcamp Bangalore 2022

Barcamp is something I appreciate a lot. There is literally no other event which is anywhere close to what Barcamp is. I may be saying the cheesy line from the Maggi hot and sweet sauce ad, but "it's different". I dont know about any other event where we have people come and talked about so many varied topics with enthusiasm, other than Barcamp Bangalore(BCB). During the pandemic it was shutdown. I think each one of us had our own share of troubles with the pandemic. Everything was quiet on all channels during the pandemic till Dr. Sanjay decided to ask " Any plans for next barcamp? " in April 2022 on BCB Telegram group . No one replied to that. But then he persisted and was more direct with his offer in July 2022. Any plans for next barcamp? Let's do it in RV University in September. Next to Pattanagere metro station I could not help but not reply to that message and people just joined in. Let me tell you that of all the folks who replied, only Bibhas a