30 June 2008

The Retirement fund

I saw this amazing headlines from Economic Times, 70% Indians worry about outliving retirement funds. Well my first reaction was "Oh my God"Worried. Most Indians would be unable to sustain themselves once they have retired. More likely they would kill themselves or die of hunger or may need government support. But then I read the fine print there. Well its a survey by MetLife. They sure do see a big market with 70% Indians not having retirement funds. But then another truth is that 50% Indians do not have funds for the next month too. Most of them survive on a daily basis. Mind it survive not live. Then again there is still a large majority who do not invest in retirement funds.

Well that reminds me of people like my dad. He has no retirement funds. But then he does not need it either, just like my grand father. He did not need it. My dad is there after all to support him since he has retired long time back. Obviously same applies to my dad of course.

The truth also is that you invest for your life. Infact what I believe is that one should never plan to retire. Thats the most scariest thought. I know that the cost of retiring and other fundas like that. But frankly those are for loosers and ofcourse the companies marketing these Insurance plans and likes.

Will the media please refrain from giving news with such misleading and misguiding news. These work well in scaring the people and add no value to their newspaper. A paper like Economic Times is expected to add value and not filth. Is the media listening?

27 June 2008

Top reasons why Tata Elxsi should be blacklisted

Well that a provoking first line, but then thats exactly what I have to say about this company. Tata Elxsi should be blacklisted, but wait a minute by whom? Well the software developers fraternity. Its a blood sucking corporation which is right documented in the documentary The Corporation. Ok why am I telling this after almost one year of leaving it. Well when the fact is that I have nothing to do with it. I have already let out my personal experience here, here and here. Well it was not just me as its obvious from the comments but then it was general feeling of my friends there. Well all I can talk about is friends because I dont know how each and every employee of Tata Elxsi felt. Anyways heres one more story about the kind of harassment and employee of Tata Elxsi might have to suffer. Though I had read it earlier but am blogging now about solely because I wanted to confirm the news being true. And sadly it is true. An employee was indeed made to resign. And indeed its legally correct. but the only thing is that the Tata Values and legendry stories of employee oriented Tata's seem to be like Unicorns. You would here great legends about them and obviously never see them. All that employee oriented Tata culture surely now seems like a gas bag to me. Here are some of the prior, confirmed and known to me reasons.

1. They had something called BPI, Biscuit Packet Incentive for some and Business Performance Incentive for others. What most people got was under 20% of it. Wow great way to show higher CTC.
2. HRs make mistake and employees pay extra income tax. When you talk to them, all you get is, well it happens sometimes. More importantly, this came from one of the top level HR.Sometimes I wish developers could say that the job cannot be done, it happens sometimes.
3. No respect to freshers. This company will actually throw a fresher in manner it deems right. It doesnt matter if you are an EC graduate or CS. I have seen CS Grads doing verilog and VHDL coding , while EC guys are busy writing HTML and JavaScripts. It just does not matter.
4. In more ways than one its one of the classic examples of Dilbert Corporations, where you have the Catbert HR, Pointy-Haired Boss and several similar characters.
5. All of a sudden last winter it asked some of its employees to leave. No wonder all those who did not perform well at making their managers happy or cribbed about being thrown around were the ones walking with pink slips. Never mind because these were the ones who are now have a better life, work and pay too. Infact it so happens that one of my friend is earning more than the snobby lead he was working with. Somehow I never heard that any of the non-performer was fired. They are still there

If you still need more reasons, the boy you must join this company to find others like you there. Have fun, Tata.

15 June 2008

Creamy layer, redefined, literally

In what could be an amazing move, the UPA government is looming over the option of revising, what means a creamy layer. This new income limit is may be upto 6lakhs Now expect loads of unqualified and spoilt kids getting into the premier institutions only to be dropped or just managing to make hoola. Beware, they might even be your boss one day thanks to reservations. I dont know how reservation and equality go hand in hand.

A Collection of Classic Breaking News

If you thought Indian newspapers were crass then wait a minute, the news channels are better than them. They are in a mode of one upmanship and each channel does its best to get the breaking news first. Here is a small sample of it taken from here.

Breaking news 1 : Rahul Gandhi has dal-puri and veggies. Wow thats an awesome news and a must breaking news. This news has surely made my day. Now I can indulge in Pizzas to my heart content.



Breaking news 2 : Mr Bacchan has got cold. Oh so sad. May be I should do something immediately, like hang myself. Probably I should have done it before watching this breaking news.



Breaking news 3 : Ok enough of celebrities, this breaking new is about a common animal. Well the household cat aka Billo Rani and her adventures at the roof.



Breaking news 4 : If cat could be in news, then dogs cannot be behind. Here is a more celebrated dog, the Police Commissioners dog in news. This poor doggy got lost on 25th March. Thankfully it was found and it made it as the breaking news for the day.




When will these channels realise whats actually worth the news. There is so much more worth reporting which goes unnoticed and these worthless things become breaking news. Will these channels ever learn ??

13 June 2008

Awesome selling/fooling style

Well I had been to Calcutta for a few days and am back. On the trip I came across some amazing things. This is the most awesome one. At Vijaywada railway station, there are a few juice stalls. Awesome thing but heres the amazing part. But they are cannot serve all customers with fresh juice . So keep juice made from fruits in a container. But the customers want fresh juice. They have devised this unique plan. They pour juice from containers to mixer jars, give it a run and serve. The unsuspecting customers believe thats its freshly prepared and are taken for a ride. This is observed not only in the unknown stalls but also at the Comesun outlet. They all talk about selling fresh fruit juice. Well technically they are right. They are selling juice from fresh fruits but then this is an awesome art of selling or fooling. Now days theres even a better term for it, presentation skills. Obviously marketing and advertisements are out now