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My current thoughts on starting up

In case you are intrigued by the words, 'current thoughts' well I don't know anyone who has changed their thinking more in the last decade on various different things than me. I think it will be changing as things do and as I evolve as a person. So that's me right now. Starting up on my own venture has been on my mind for a long long time. But it has not really taken any real shape till now. My mom still jokes that I wanted to start while in school. You know it never started. I had ever since thought of different things but never made them into real life. Closest I ever got was to get a prototype built and showcase it but then again never pushed it. Of late I realise that I have a very crucial element missing which leaves me directionless after some time. I don't have a clear goal and mission for myself while building anything. The only goal at times is to build something. Guess builder culture is ingrained in me. So I gave myself some time to think about