Whats right and whats wrong?

Sometime I feel confused about whether what I am doing is correct or is it wrong. Then if you look back in time it seems like some of the actions of yours were actually wrong though it seemed correct at that moment. So is it that

There is nothing right or wrong, its just the most convincing argument at the moment.

I might seem wrong but you surely have least convincing of arguments to prove me wrong. Lets see at some of the things in the past and reflect upon they being right or wrong. Socialism was right and Capitalism was wrong a few decades ago in Russia. But then the fall of Russia and towering of US made Capitalism look good. I am sure that in a few decades if Capitalist US takes a beating and the Islamic Banking concept takes root, then everyone will be cursing Capitalism. So basically based on situation opinions change. A few years back(rewind to Rajiv Gandhi) bringing in computers was considered a job eraser. The Red flag bearers(CPI & Co) were ecstatically against introduction of computers for Railway Reservation and other jobs which were done at that time. Wonder if good sense of Rajiv Gandhi had not prevailed what would have I been doing? The anti-industrialist CPI of Bengal now craves for Tatas and Birlas to setup manufacturing units. Not that they have lost votes or anything in Bengal. I wonder the reason for this split. I am sure the only reason would be that a better argument has prevailed over the topic.

This has exactly been there during numerous discussions that I have had in my small life as a programmer. Better argument is what prevails because the right points were not raised by others at times or the perception of things have changed. I have had numerous fights over this thing but if I now reflect over those things they seem all so stupid. Those were not really things to be fought over on principle, they were things to be thought over. So it was all in the moment of argument that a particular line of thought was chosen. So I have reasons to believe that all that we do is get along with the better of the argument.

Sometimes when we dont do according to the argument, we are considered wrong does, like Rajiv Gandhi was. Examples are plenty for it.

But do you have a better argument?


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