Barcamp Bangalore 5 - Will be missing it this time around

I had attended Barcamp Bangalore 4. I liked the concept and decided that I will probably help out organize next time around, considering that its open to all. The old timers were really happy to get us on board. But the spoiler for me is the fact that I would have had been out of town on the days Barcamp was schedules. Having taken the dip in the organizing it, it was very much clear that whether I attend or not, let me just help if there is no one. I dont know if I was of any help or not, but I did argue a lot {Tongue} on a lot of matters.

I hope that this Barcamp will again generate the enthusiasm and interest in people to do something beyond. There will be some technologies to be understood and some nuance to be cleared.

So guys see in the next Barcamp, Hopefully {Sigh}.


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