Defeat of truth in a Democracy

Well Nanavati Commision Report is out and there it goes, as expected proving innocence of Narendra Modi and validating the BJP stand. And as expected, all the hue and cry from Congress. Well it was a similar scene, with only the roles changed when Banerjee Report came. Similar hue and cry. I wonder if they talk sense and prove things instead of making empty noises. No I am not trying to support any one, but fact is that truth has died thanks to all the politics around the death of so many. I find it even more weird that most journalists never fail to mention that more than a thousand people died and most minority(it seems like only minority in India are the muslims. I wonder where do Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and Christians go. I dont know where the fault lies. I dont know if these reports actually did any kind of study. I dont know if any of these reports did some scientific research and tests. I dont know if all these reports were written as any Sci-Fi writer does with all the research in his mind and loop holes in the hindsight brushed out as impossible scenarios. All I know is that we would never be able to know the truth. Probably this is one of the perils of power in anyone's hand, be it democracy, communists or autocratic regimes. Truth as in most cases is the victim and its dead.


Anonymous said…
kamine...try to accept truth sometimes....dont think whole world is rigged...boka madu...dont try to be commie dog...

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